Register as a Carer

What is the carer's register?

Haringey Council keeps a carers register so we can plan services for carers better. By keeping a register we can get to know more about carers in Haringey and take their needs into account when planning and delivering services.

Since 1 March 2018 Carers First has been administering the Carers Register on behalf of Haringey Council. You can apply to be added to the register by completing the Carer's Referral form.

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Who can register?

Carers who provide regular unpaid care to an adult who is ill, frail or living with a disability can use the carers registration form to register as a carer. As a carer you may be looking after your partner, a relative, friend or neighbour. This could be either in your own home or elsewhere. This register is also for people with parental responsibility for a disabled child.

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What benefits are there to registering as a carer?

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How to register?

To register as a carer, please complete the Carer's Referral form.

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What happens when this form is completed?

Carers First will add your details to the Carers Register and send you an information pack.

If you have told us that you would like to be contacted about having a carer's assessment, the First Response Team will contact you to discuss this. You should hear from us within 10 days.

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Who else will see or know the information in this form?

If you have agreed to your GP knowing that you are a carer, we will inform him/her. If you have agreed for information to be shared with the person you care for, this will happen in the course of a discussion, assessment or review of your needs and the needs of the person you care for. If you do not want us to share your information, please say so on the form.

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Will anyone outside Haringey Council Adult Services have access to information on the register?

More general information, such as numbers of carers and the type of support needs carers have identified, may be used by other council departments and the Health Authority to help plan services. All personal information about you is protected under the Data Protection Act, 1998.

Carers First (external link) manage the carers register on behalf of Haringey Council.

In order to register as a carer you will need to consent to Carers First having access to the information provided on your registration form. Unfortunately, since 1 March 2018 carers who do not give their consent will be unable to get the benefits of being added to the carers register.

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Access to your records

Under the Data Protection Act, 2018 you are entitled to know what personal social care information Haringey Council holds about you.

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Page last updated:

February 20, 2023