Disabled Person's Freedom Pass

About the Freedom Pass

The Disabled Persons’ Freedom Pass provides free travel at any time in Greater London on buses, the underground, London Overground, Docklands Light Railway and Croydon Tramlink.

Free travel on National Rail services is also available from 9.30am Monday to Friday and all day on weekends and public holidays.

It may also be used to travel free of charge on local bus services in England outside London between 9.30am and 11.00pm Monday to Friday and all day on weekends and public holidays.

Freedom Pass: The Movie

London Councils has made a film to promote the Freedom Pass, Europe’s most comprehensive concessionary travel scheme which is used by more than 1.3million older and disabled Londoners:

For more information please visit the Freedom Passes website (external link).

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All permanent Haringey residents aged 5 or over who meet the eligibility criteria contained within the London Transport Act 2000 are eligible.

Eligible without further assessment

Applicants may automatically qualify for a Freedom Pass if they can provide proof that they qualify under any of the following criteria:

1. Any applicant who is registered blind or partially sighted. An applicant needs to provide:

  • registration card/letter issued by the sensory impairment team, or
  • a BD8 or CV1 certificate / registration card.

2. Any applicant in receipt of a war pensioner’s mobility supplement

  • up to date evidence required

3. Any applicant in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) at the higher rate for mobility (help with getting around) or is in receipt of the mobility component of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and scored eight points or more:

  • current letter of entitlement is required, or
  • a copy of a current Motability finance agreement.

Applicants who meet the automatic eligibility criteria can go in person to one of our Customer Service Centres.

Eligible subject to further assessment

Applicants who do not meet the automatic eligibility criteria may be considered under discretionary criteria.

  • People who are deemed medically unfit to drive a vehicle. The grounds for denying a driving licence include epilepsy (unless it is a type which does not pose a danger) a severe mental disorder, liability to sudden attacks of giddiness or fainting. Inability to read a registration plate in good light at 20.05 metres (with lenses if worn). Any other disability likely to cause the driving of vehicles by them to be a source of danger to the public.
  • People without the long-term use of both arms.
  • People with severe learning difficulties.

Persons applying under the discretionary criteria stated above must provide supporting evidence when making their application.

  • People with a walking impairment where the disability has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their mobility.

All persons applying because of a walking impairment will be required to attend a mobility assessment with the Integrated Community Therapy team at Haringey Teaching Primary Care Trust (PCT). You will be contacted directly by the PCT if you require an assessment.

  • People with a hearing or speech impairment. Those profoundly deaf must have a hearing loss of at least 70dbhl and should provide an audiology report to confirm this. If you have a speech impediment please provide medical evidence

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Proof of Address

Applicants who meet either the automatic or discretionary eligibility criteria are also required to provide evidence of Haringey residency such as:

  • current Letter of Pension Entitlement
  • current Council Tax bill / letter / payment book / benefits.
  • current Council / Housing Association rent book.
  • Television Licence.

The following items if dated in the last 3 months are also acceptable:

  • Residential Utility bill
  • Residential Bank / Building Society statement
  • Inland Revenue letter
  • Benefits Agency letter
  • Letter of Pension Entitlement or Occupational Pension letter.
  • Residential credit card statement.

Please also provide two passport size photographs (please clearly write your name and date on the back of the photo).

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How to apply

If you think you are eligible (see notes above) then you will need to download and print the application form below:

Also see the Disabled Persons Freedom Pass guidance notes (PDF, 27KB).

Alternatively you can contact us for an application pack.

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Applicants who are unsuccessful will be notified in writing advising them that they have the right to appeal within 30 days of the original decision. Any appeal needs to be in writing providing additional medical evidence to support the appeal.

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Replacing Lost, Stolen or Faulty Passes

There is now a £10 administration fee for replacing lost or faulty Freedom Passes. Replacements for lost or damaged passes will incur the fee. A charge will be made to replace Freedom Passes which are claimed to be faulty but a refund will be offered if a test proves the pass was faulty. If a crime reference number is provided, no charge will be made to replace a stolen Freedom Pass. But without a crime reference number, the pass would be considered lost.

If your Freedom Pass has been lost or stolen or is faulty, please contact London Councils on 0300 330 1433. A new pass will be sent to your home address by post within 10 working days.

For information on replacing your pass please go to:

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Fraud Prevention Statement

Haringey Council is under a duty to protect public funds. The information you provide in this form may be used for the prevention and detection of fraud. We may also share this information with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds for fraud prevention and detection purposes.

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Page last updated:

27 January 2021