History of 'Haringey Passage'

The Haringey Passage in the London Borough of Haringey has an interesting history. It is built on land once part of the estate of Harringay House.

The area was developed between 1880 and 1900 as two housing estates:

  • Hornsey Station Estate (at the north end)
  • Haringey Park Estate (at the south end)

The area is now known as The Ladder, which is what it resembles on a map. It is bordered by Wightman Road and Green Lanes.

The use of the two different spellings of the names 'Haringey' and 'Harringay' for place-names in one neighbourhood is also to be noted. In 1965 the newly-formed London Borough of Haringey was created following the reorganisation of local government in London. The name 'Haringey' for the new borough was chosen in 1964, and revived the oldest known variant of the name 'Haringey' (for a brief summary of the origins of the name 'Haringey', see the Coat of Arms of the borough). It is recalled by locals at this time that 'Haringey Passage' was cited as one such visible evidence of the oldest form of the spelling of  'Haringey' still in use.

You can read the history of 'Haringey Passage' compiled by local historian and author John Hinshelwood for a community project in 2007 in the documents below.

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