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Online forms

We have various online forms available:

You can also upload your proofs online using our Citizens Access benefits portal.

Downloadable forms

The forms below are not currently available online. You need to download, print and complete the form and then return it to us.

  • Haringey Pay Form - this form is for your employer to tell us about your wages. Please use it if you do not have the pay slips we need.
  • Self Employed Supplement - this form must be completed if you are self-employed and have been trading for less than a year. If you have been trading for a year or more you need to provide profit and loss accounts and/or the documents you submitted to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).
  • Application for a 'Pre-Tenancy Determination' - use this form if you want to apply for a 'Pre-Tenancy Determination' and send your completed form to:
    • Corporate and Customer Services | Benefits
      Haringey Council
      PO Box 10505
      Wood Green
      N22 7WJ
  • Request for Extra Room Form - use this form if:
    • you or someone in your household receives overnight care or
    • you have a disabled child or partner who requires their own room
  • Property valuation form - use this form to give us information about a property you own (or jointly own) but do not live in. The property can be in the UK or overseas. You need to download, print and complete the form and then return it to us.

Table: forms available for download

File nameFile TypeSize
Application for a ‘Pre Tenancy Determination’PDF1.22MB
Request for Extra Room FormPDF72KB
Haringey Pay FormPDF67KB
Self Employed SupplementPDF135KB
Property valuation formPDF38KB

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January 23, 2023