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How do I appeal a decision?

If you are not happy with a decision we make about your claim you have three choices:

  • you can ask us to change the decision
  • you can ask us to explain the decision in writing
  • you can appeal against the decision - appeals are heard by an independent appeal tribunal called The Tribunals Service (external link)

If you want to do any of these things you must do so by writing to us within one month of our decision. You must tell us which decision you disagree with (or want explained) and why.

How to appeal

You can find our addresses on our contact us page

Appeal timetable

If you ask us to change a Housing or Council Tax Benefit decision, but we choose not to do so, you will still be able to appeal against it. You should make your appeal within one month of our refusal to change it.

Whenever you want to appeal, you should do so within one month of the decision being made. In special circumstances this time limit can be extended but do not delay making your appeal or it may not be heard.

If you ask us to explain a decision we have made, we will extend the one month time limit for appealing by the time it takes us to respond to your request.

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Page last updated:

October 18, 2021