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Appeal a Housing Benefit decision

See also: Appeal a Council Tax reduction decision.

If you’re not happy with a Housing Benefit decision 

If you’re not happy with a decision made about your Housing Benefit claim, you have 3 choices. You can complete the online form or write to us and let us know if you want: 

  • us to explain the decision 
  • us to change the decision 
  • to appeal against the decision – appeals are heard by an independent appeal tribunal called The Tribunals Service (external link) 

You must: 

If you ask us to change a Housing Benefit decision, but we choose not to, you can still appeal against the decision. 

Time limit 

All requests must be made within 1 month of our decision. Only in special circumstances can we extend this time limit. 

If you ask us to explain a decision and then wish to appeal, we will extend the 1-month appeal deadline by the time it takes us to respond. 

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March 21, 2022