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Apply for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

Apply for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support online(opens in new window)

Who can apply 

Most people who need help with housing payments should apply for Universal Credit instead of Housing Benefit. Find out if you can apply for Housing Benefit

Use our online benefits calculator to find out: 

  • if you should apply for Housing Benefit or Universal Credit 
  • how much benefit you could get 
  • what other benefits you could apply for 

If you can’t claim Universal Credit and still aren’t sure whether you can get Housing Benefit, you should apply for Housing Benefit anyway. We will tell you as soon as we can if you qualify. 


You can’t claim Housing benefit if you have £16,000 or more in savings unless you get Pension Credit Guarantee Credit. 

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How to apply 

Use the button below to apply for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support

Documents you must provide 

Before starting your application, make sure you have all the proof needed to support your claim

This proof is needed to process your claim. 

You can upload your proofs when completing the online form.

If you need to update proof at a later date, you can do this through the online benefits portal.

Apply online 

Apply for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support(opens in new window) 

If you have problems applying online, please see our troubleshooting page

Apply by post 

If you cannot apply online, please download, print, complete and return the application form (PDF, 318KB)

Guidance notes

You may want to have a look at the guidance notes (PDF, 370KB) before applying.

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After you apply 

Please wait 14 days before getting in touch about your application. 

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Housing Benefit on 2 homes 

You may be able to claim Housing Benefit on 2 homes in certain circumstances for a limited period. 

Find out if you’re eligible (external link)

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If you can’t apply straight away 

If you’re unable to apply for Housing Benefit straight away, we may be able to pay you for a period before you applied. This is called a backdated award.  

If you’re of working age 

Working age residents must: 

  • tell us the date you want your Housing Benefit backdated to 
  • explain why you couldn’t apply during the whole period you want your claim backdated to 
  • provide evidence to show why you couldn’t apply earlier  

The most we can backdate your claim is 1 month from the date of your backdate request. 

You can ask us to backdate your claim by: 

We will assess your request and let you know in writing of our decision. 

If you or your partner are pension age 

Your housing benefit is backdated to whichever is the most recent date: 

  • 3 months before you applied 
  • when you reached pension age 
  • the date you had to start paying rent 

This happens automatically when you apply for housing benefit. 

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Page last updated:

October 10, 2022