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Ciara of Elevated Youth Haringey shares her journey with Autism

Young person from youth panel with the Director of Children's ServicesWe hosted a SEND event in early July with North Central London (NCL) Integrated Care Board. This event was the first of its kind, as it gathered representatives from all the north central London (NCL) boroughs (Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington) to discuss collaboration and co-production with parents.

Ciara Dowling, one of the remarkable young people from Elevated Youth Haringey, a panel of young people with SEND, joined the event as a speaker, passionately sharing her journey with autism. Ciara openly shared her experiences, shedding light on what she found helpful and unhelpful as a young person navigating life with autism. Her eloquence and captivating words held the audience's attention throughout the speech.

She emphasised the significance of early diagnosis, a sentiment that resonated with many attendees, evident by the nods of agreement and the enthusiastic applause that followed her speech.

Ann Graham, the Director of Children's Services, acknowledged Ciara's contribution during her closing speech, giving the young speaker a special mention. Ann took the time to approach Ciara personally, expressing how much she enjoyed the speech.

Ciara's voice played an integral role in the discussions throughout the event, raising numerous valid points appreciated by all in attendance.

Visit the Elevated Youth Haringey page to learn more about the youth forum.

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July 25, 2023