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Elevated Youth blossoms with artistic contribution to Haringey Feast

Elevated Youth recently contributed to the Haringey Feast during their last panel meeting, with the guidance of local artist Siân Dorman from PLASTIQUE (external link).

Siân joined Elevated Youth Haringey to lead an engaging workshop on upcycling plastic bottles. Together, they crafted beautiful floral centrepieces that will be on display at Alexandra Palace for Haringey Feast.

Sofia, one of our new members, expressed her enjoyment of the workshop, while Louis shared that he had a lot of fun. Siân Dorman shared her passion for working with young people with SEND:





I had the pleasure of collaborating with the Haringey SEND Youth Panel in the September monthly meeting. As a sustainable artist and designer born and raised in the London borough of Haringey, my creative journey has always revolved around upcycling and community engagement. I create all my products using locally collected waste materials from my studio in Tottenham. I'm equally passionate about passing on these upcycling skills to the wonderful people in my local community. What truly ignites my enthusiasm is working with young people, especially those with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities). Being a neurodivergent individual myself, I understand the significance of empowering and supporting those whose abilities and talents may not always fit traditional moulds. Art has been my sanctuary, a medium through which I can express myself and celebrate my differences, which is why I'm committed to teaching art as a means of empowerment. Inclusivity is at the heart of my work. I've had the privilege of teaching upcycling-focused arts and crafts across Haringey in various community centres, schools, and local events. By sharing my passion for sustainable art and the joy of turning waste into beautiful creations, I hope to inspire positive change in our environment and foster a more inclusive understanding of neurodiversity. Disabilities, especially hidden ones, deserve our awareness and support, and together, we can create a more compassionate and informed society that values and uplifts every individual's unique abilities.

The youth panel's efforts resulted in the creation of stunning flowers! Moreover, they were proud to contribute to environmental conservation by reducing waste and repurposing locally collected single-use plastics. We certainly have budding young artists on our panel! 

young person creating a flower from recycled plastics

young person creating a flower from recycled plastics

image of plastic flower made from recycled plastic water bottles

One of the beautiful floral centrepieces made by Elevated Youth Haringey

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October 11, 2023