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Deaf Awareness Week 2024

young deaf girl communicating with BLS to a deaf man with hearing aidsIn 2024, Deaf Awareness Week runs from Monday 6 May to Sunday 12 May.

It's a great occasion to celebrate deaf identity, explore local and national resources and boost any efforts to make everyday life more deaf-friendly for children and young people.

On this page you will find local and national support for children, young people, professionals, and anyone interested in becoming more deaf-aware. 

Local and national support

Haringey Sensory Support team (Hearing)

We have a team of Qualified Teachers of the Deaf and a Deaf Educational Instructor, working across Haringey and Enfield.

To learn more about the team and services they offer, visit the Sensory Support team (Hearing) page.

National Deaf Children's Society

The National Deaf Children’s Society (external link) provides support for families, deaf children, young people and professionals.

Early years (birth to 5 years)

Newborn Hearing Screening Service

The NHS provides a Newborn Hearing Screening programme to all babies. 

First diagnosis

Information for you that is tailored for parents with a baby, toddler or child who has been diagnosed as deaf or with hearing loss.

Baby and Toddler Group hosted by Blanche Nevile School

Baby and Toddler group at Woodside Children's Centre 

Our Sensory Support Service provides a deaf toddler group for parents/carers and their deaf toddlers. If you are interested in attending, please email the Sensory Support Manager, Bharti Solanki: bharti.solanki@haringey.gov.uk

Young people

Deaf Youth Club for secondary Deaf young people

Haringey's SEND Sensory Support team (Hearing), hosts a monthly Deaf Youth Club for secondary deaf youth people. The club meets once a month from 4 to 6pm at Rising Green Youth Hub.

SignHealth Support for young people

Support for deaf young people with information about mental health support, domestic abuse, how to stay safe and more. 

Support and resources for education professionals

'Deafness and Me' toolkit for early years support

A toolkit by the National Deaf Children's Society and the Anna Freud Charity for early years practitioners to support the mental health and wellbeing of deaf children.

Primary education

Free resources for teachers and other education professionals on deaf-friendly teaching and support for primary aged deaf children by the National Deaf Children's Society.

Secondary education

Free resources on deaf-friendly teaching for teachers, special needs staff and other education professionals supporting deaf children in secondary schools by the National Deaf Children's Society.

Post-14 education and preparing for adulthood

Resources for education, health and social care professionals who support deaf young people in post-14 support and moving to adulthood by the National Deaf Children's Society.

Parent/carer support and co-production

Haringey and Enfield Children's Hearing Services Working Group (CHSWG)

A working group of parents/carers and representatives from Audiology, Speech and Language Therapy, Teachers of the Deaf, Newborn Hearing Screening, local schools for deaf children and more. 

North London Deaf Children's Society

North London Deaf Children’s Society aims to support families of deaf children by sharing experiences and knowledge, offering emotional and social support and by organising events and activities for the children.

All ages/family support

Deafinitely Theatre

Producer of professional high quality theatre for deaf and hearing audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

BSL tours at the Kew Gardens

BSL tours at the London Zoo

BSL tours at London museums and galleries 

Tips for being more deaf aware

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May 9, 2024