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Capturing Wood Green: Danielle's Journey with Elevated Youth Haringey

Danielle, the newest Elevated Youth Haringey panel member, recently participated in a youth photography workshop through the Shaping Wood Green programme. 

young woman taking a photo with reflex cameraThis workshop focused on producing a collection of photographic images that celebrated the people, businesses, and places in various locations across Wood Green. During the workshop, Danielle and the group chose specific places in Wood Green that they wanted to highlight and used cameras to capture the essence of these locations and places suggested by their peers. 

Expressing her enthusiasm, Danielle said, "I really enjoyed taking the photos", and "I am really interested in photography now." 

Two accomplished photographers, Ulrike Leyens, a Senior Lecturer at Westminster University, and Ben Blossom, a renowned photographer, led the workshop. They guided the participants on utilising photography as a medium to explore, make meaningful statements, and document the chosen places. The young photographers learned the art of framing and cropping images to effectively convey the stories they wanted to tell about each location. 

The council will incorporate the final photographs into a project promoting Wood Green. The shoot encompassed a diverse range of subjects, including retail, nature, industry, and portraits. 

Each young participant faced the challenge of making difficult decisions about which images to keep and which ones to exclude from the final collection. Stay tuned to discover what exciting developments lie ahead for these captivating photographs! 

Danielle's photographs

image of two young people sitting at a table, looking at one another and smiling

image of three young people's legs as they walk on the pavement

image of young person standing on an outdoor staircase  image of birds outside

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June 7, 2023