National Safeguarding Adults Week

National Safeguarding Adults Week is a time for organisations to come together to raise awareness of important safeguarding issues. The aim is to highlight key safeguarding issues, facilitate conversations and raise awareness of safeguarding best practice - so we can all be better together.

The council provides a wealth of information on Safeguarding Adults including a series of short videos to help you understand what safeguarding is (external link) and advice on how to recognise the signs of abuse and what to do to report it. You can even take the Understanding safeguarding online quiz (external link) to see how good your knowledge is.

National Safeguarding Adults Week 2021 - 15-21 November

The theme for Safeguarding Adults Week 2021 is ‘Creating Safer Cultures’.

Each day will focus on a specific topic to facilitate conversations around the theme of creating safer cultures.

For more information about each day, see The Ann Craft Trust website - Safeguarding Adults Week (external link).

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May 10, 2021