National Safeguarding Adults Week

National Safeguarding Adults Week

Safeguarding Adults Week 2022 (external link) took place Monday 21 to Sunday 27 November. It was a time for organisations to come together to raise awareness of important safeguarding issues. The aim was to highlight key safeguarding issues, facilitate conversations and raise awareness of safeguarding best practice - so we can all be better together.

The council provides a wealth of information on Safeguarding Adults including a series of short videos (external link) to help you understand what safeguarding is and advice on how to recognise the signs of abuse and what to do to report it.

You can even take the Understanding safeguarding online quiz (external link) to see how good your knowledge is.

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The Ann Craft Trust

The Ann Craft Trust (ACT) is a national charity that exists to minimise the risk of abuse of disabled children and adults at risk. Every year since 2018, ACT hosts Safeguarding Adults Week which enables organisations and individuals to feel confident in recognising signs of abuse and neglect and recording and reporting safeguarding concerns.

In 2021, the theme was ‘creating safer cultures’, all about how organisations and individuals can take steps to minimise harm occurring in the first instance, while simultaneously ensuring correct policies and procedures are in place so that when safeguarding concerns are raised, they are recognised and responded to effectively.

Topics covered included: Emotional Abuse and Safeguarding Mental Health; The Power of Language; Digital Safeguarding; Adult Grooming; Creating Safer Organisational Cultures and Safeguarding and You.

For more information, see the Safeguarding Adults Week pages on the ACT website (external link).

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Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board - Tricky Friends animation

Tricky Friends is a short animation developed by Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board to help people to understand what good friendships are, when they might be harmful, and what they can do.

It is only 3 minutes long and can be used with or by anyone - carers, family, organisations, groups.

Note for iPhone users and Youtube. There is a known bug with iOS and Youtube, Two buttons are read before the player but provide no functionality. We advise that you skip these to access the content.

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