Living Independently

This section offers advice and suggestions for those wishing to remain living at home for longer.

Daily living activities

Help with household chores such as shopping, meals, housework, money etc.

Assistive technology

Devices, systems or equipment to help you with everyday activities.

Equipment and adaptations

Changes you can make to your home as well as equipment available to help you maintain your independence.

Getting around

Transport and help for people with mobility problems as well as older people.

Coming out of hospital

Support to help you regain your independence following hospital discharge, including the Home from Hospital service.

Getting back your independence

Help to get back on your feet following an accident or illness, or time in hospital.

Help taking your prescribed medication

Advice for people finding it hard to take their medicines as directed.

Direct payments

Direct payments give you more choice and control when buying services and equipment to meet the outcomes in your support plan.

Employing your own care and support

Direct Payments give you more choice and control over the care and support you receive and allow you to decide who provides it and when. This might include employing your own support worker.

Page Last Updated:

November 29, 2022