The A Team

What is "The A Team"?

Tidying a garden

We are a friendly and hard working group who offer a low cost domestic chores service to people in the community. This is done as part of a training programme and work experience scheme for our workers, see The A Team leaflet (PDF, 269KB)

What services do we offer?

  • Home cleaning
  • Light removals
  • Basic garden maintenance

So, what do you get when you hire the A Team?

  • Work tailored to meet your individual needs
  • Work that is moderately priced with affordable rates. Our low cost, value for money service includes all the equipment and cleaning materials we need to work and staff travel expenses.

For more information, contact:

A Team Project Manager
Clarendon Centre
Clarendon Road
N8 0DJ

020 8489 4860

07817 164 731

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September 20, 2022