Conservation Area Advisory Committees (CAACs)

Conservation Area Advisory Committees (CAACs) are a way for members of the general public with an interest in heritage to help the council in managing and protecting the historic environment. They allow amenity societies, independent experts, and local residents and businesses to get involved with the planning process. The groups are voluntary, and members decide how they are run, and what area they cover.

What do CAACs do?

The main role of CAACs in the planning process is to provide a local focus on design, conservation and heritage matters. They assist the council in the formulation of policies and guidance for their conservation area and act as a continuing source of advice on planning issues. We inform CAACs of planning applications and relevant planning policy consultations, and welcome their assistance and views.

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List of CAACs

Alexandra Park and Palace (APPCAAC)

Re-established 2006.
Meets when appropriate, usually at the Old Schoolhouse, Hornsey Historical Society, Tottenham Lane N8.
Chairman: Colin Marr - email: | Tel: 020 8883 9069.

Crouch End and Hornsey (CE and HCAAC)

Established 1985.
Usually meets monthly, at the Old Schoolhouse, Hornsey Historical Society, Tottenham Lane N8.
Chair: Stephen Ibbotson.
Secretary: Mark Afford - email:

Highgate (HCAAC)

Established 1979.
The committee holds meetings every 3 weeks.
Chair: Gail Waldman

Muswell Hill (MHCAAC)

Established 1978.
Usually meets monthly.
Chair: John Crompton - email:

Noel Park (NPCAAC)

Established 2009.
Meets at Shropshire Hall, Gladstone Avenue.
Chair: Rachella Sinclair - email: | Tel: 020 8351 3969.

Rookfield Estate (RECAAC)

Contact: Walter Merricks - email: | Tel: 07718 658 301.

Tottenham (TCAAC)

Re-established 2007.
Meets every two months.
Chair: Matthew Bradby - email: | Tel: 020 8352 2354.

TCAAC's minutes from the last year and all their recent annual reports are available below. Please contact them to request others.

Latest minutes:

Annual reports:

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