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View and comment on applications

If you’d like to comment on or object to a planning application, visit our Comment on applications page to find out how.

View applications

Our online planning service allows you to:

  • access planning applications, current or past
  • view drawings, photographs and documents accompanying a planning application
  • comment on applications
  • view the officer reports for each decided application
  • view decision notices, including any attached conditions or reasons for refusal
  • view appeal decisions

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Map of current planning applications

Our Map of current planning applications page allows you to locate current planning applications on a map. These are applications that have not yet been decided.

Use the address search, or the map drag and zoom controls to find the area you are interested in.

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Find out about new planning applications in your area

If you would like to be informed of new planning applications that have been submitted to Haringey, you can register for Planning Application Alerts. The system will send you a notification for every new planning application received within 1km of the address you have given us.

You can also register to receive a list of all applications submitted in ward order. To register your interest please contact the Development Management Support Team in any of the following ways:

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Development Management Forums

Development Management Forums are used to facilitate the discussion of large-scale or contentious pre-application proposals and planning applications.

Their purpose is to allow participants to raise issues of concern and get answers to questions about the particular proposal from the applicants. The aim is to allow early discussion by Councillors and members of the public on planning issues related to these proposals. No formal decisions on proposals are taken at these meetings.

Upcoming Development Management Forums:

Forum date/time

Site addressProposal

29 November 2023, 7.30pm

157-159 Hornsey Park Road, N8 0JXErection of two buildings: Block A (4 to 6 storeys) and Block B (4 to 5 storeys), to provide for 32 residential units and circa 193m2 of commercial floorspace, together with associated landscaping and delivery of a new pedestrian route, car and cycle parking, and refuse and recycling facilities

Details of Development Management Forum

The purpose of the Development Management Forum is to allow participants to raise issues of concern and obtain answers to questions about the particular proposal. The aim is to allow early discussion by councillors and members of the public on planning issues related to these proposals and to explore the scope for amendments and agreement between all parties in a positive and constructive way prior to the later decision being made at the Planning Sub-Committee.

Forum meetings occur mostly at the pre-application stage and occasionally once the application has been made but before the Planning Sub-Committee meeting. They do not remove the opportunity for objectors, supporters and applicants to submit representations once an application is submitted or address the Planning Sub-Committee when an application is to be determined.

What applications does the forum consider?

Proposals that may be considered by the forum include major developments and those of significant local interest. It is not possible to prescribe the exact type of proposals but they may include the following:

  • major developments are those which involve more than 10 residential units or over 1,000 sq m of floor space;
  • proposals that involve a major departure from planning policy.

Developments that will not be considered by the forum include:

  • minor developments, such as those to alter or extend houses or for less than 10 new residential units.
  • amendments to existing planning permissions or those which have already been the subject of forum discussions

Who can attend

Meetings are open to local businesses and residents and all elected members. Notification is through notices displayed around the site, the council’s website and notifications directly sent to councillors and recognised community/residents’ groups.

Time and location

Development Management Forums take place ‘virtually’ using MS Teams. If you wish to attend you must email to receive a link to the meeting.

Questions can be raised using the chat, or the raise hand features of MS Teams and will be answered by the chair or applicant.

Format of the meeting

The format of the meeting is as follows:

  • a senior planning officer chairs the forum. They ensure that all planning issues arising from the proposal are raised but that there is no discussion on the merits of the application.
  • the applicant is invited to make a presentation of the proposal for a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • all attendees have an opportunity to present their views and questions.
  • the applicant and/or council officers will respond to questions.
  • an attendance record is kept and a note of the meeting is made which is reported to the Planning Sub-Committee, together with any subsequent planning application, when it is submitted for decision.
  • normally one proposal is considered at each forum to allow for effective discussion. To assist the running of the meeting an agenda is prepared and a short briefing note on the proposal is available.

Forums are recorded and notes of the meeting are presented as part of any report to the Planning Sub-Committee.

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Disclaimer and copyright notice


The information on this website has been provided by Haringey Council for information purposes only. The council is not responsible for any actions taken that are based on the content. Whilst every effort is made to achieve accuracy the authority cannot be responsible for guaranteeing it.

Copyright notice

Planning application information, including plans and drawings, are protected by Section 47 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. You may only download and/or print plans, drawings, documents and other material related to planning applications available on this site for non-commercial and consultation purposes, to compare current applications with previous schemes and to check whether developments have been completed in accordance with approved plans. Further copies must not be made without prior permission of the copyright owner.

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