Ofsted awards the highest rating to our SEND service in 2024 inspection! Read the full report.

SEND Executive Board

The purpose of the SEND Executive Board is to provide robust multi-agency oversight for the delivery of services across the SEND partnership and the programme of change required to provide an outstanding service to children and young people with Special Educational Needs.

SEND Joint Executive meetings 

Reminders will be sent to all the board members one week before the meeting.

Upcoming 2024 meetings

2023 meetings

2022 meetings

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Haringey SEND self-assessment

As a SEND partnership, we have undertaken a self-assessment to evaluate where we think we are as a SEND system, the progress made to date, the impact this is having on outcomes for children and young people and the areas of development we need to focus on in the coming months. 

This self-assessment is updated every six months and used to inform our SEND Improvement Plan, which the SEND Executive Board owns and is responsible for ensuring the plan is successfully delivered, evidencing a positive impact. 

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March 14, 2024