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SEND Practice Developments

This space showcases examples of collaborative initiatives good practice work developed by the SEND Service with partners, parents, carers, and young people with SEND

Public consultation

Improving support descriptions for children with SEND

Haringey Council aims to update and revise the language used to describe the needs of children with SEND. We’ve co-produced new descriptors with parents, carers, schools, health professionals, and psychologists and went to consultation to ask the public for help to ensure they’re accurate, useful and fair. We hosted various in-person and virtual events around Haringey to ensure everyone had a chance to get involved, ask questions and share their views. 

Our consultation ran between 6 October 2023 to 1 December 2023. We will add the consultation report results once it is finalised. 

Visit our SEND consultations page to learn more. 

Impact Reports 2022-2023

Preparing for Adulthood (14 - 25 years)

Preparation For Adulthood (PfA) action plan: bi-annual report – September 2023

  • In November 2022, we relaunched PfA to address family challenges and establish a robust information-sharing framework. Our focus areas and senior reporting officers drive outcomes, ensuring high-quality care for young people with various needs.
  • Our bi-annual report monitors progress and upholds our commitment to a successful transition into adulthood. PfA remains central to our council's values, promoting a collaborative approach with other departments and health colleagues. 
  • We're dedicated to creating a streamlined process involving young people, parents, and carers to navigate essential services effectively

Download the Preparation for Adulthood action plan:

Haringey Voices Project

Transforming SEND through the power of co-production

In March 2023, we hosted the SEND Voices Day event at the Cypriot Community Centre in Haringey. We welcomed parents, carers, children, young people, schools, healthcare practitioners, Local Authority Education Teams, and Voluntary Care Services to join us in co-production. The event involved documenting ideas, sharing experiences, presentations, and engaging activities.

For the event, we partnered with Genuine Partnerships, a nationally recognised team from Rotherham comprising parent carers, service practitioners, and young people. They are dedicated to fostering co-production through their Four Cornerstones approach:

  1. Welcome and Care
  2. Values and Inclusion
  3. Effective Communication
  4. Partnership Building

Their goal is to cultivate and strengthen these principles to foster trust. 

SEND Transport Learning Review

  • Home-school transport is a vital service for families and one which we know must work efficiently. 
  • To ensure this, the SEND service initiated a learning review to identify what went wrong in September 2021 at the start of the current school year. The learning review was conducted over November and December involving different stakeholders who shared their insights and experiences.
  • Most importantly, parent representatives were part of this learning review, and we really appreciate the time and commitment given to this project.
  • SEND Transport Learning Review Key Headlines Dec 21 (PDF,309KB)

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