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SEND Home School Transport Consultation

Home school transport policy changes: advice before consultation

We are proposing to update and revise our home-school transport policy. We are introducing a more detailed account of how decisions are made in the interests of transparency and to ensure our stakeholders are as informed as possible. This will also ensure that there is less confusion and misinformation in the community.

The majority of children and young people who require transport assistance to school will continue to benefit from the existing provision from Transport for London. Specialist assistance will continue to be provided for children and young people with SEND or those whose family circumstances mean that additional support to access education will be required.

The changes to our home school transport policy include:

Consideration of sustainability, focusing on the environment, emissions reduction, and promotion of independent travel options.
This is to ensure that we are all working together to create a cleaner air environment in Haringey. Wherever possible, Haringey will always promote the most sustainable method for a young person, based on their specific needs.

Move from title of ‘Travel’ Policy to ‘Travel Assistance’ policy.
To ensure that we are all clear about when transport is provided or when other forms of assistance (e.g. Travel Buddies) are the best way to ensure that children and young people are supported to success education.

Creating a specific policy for young people aged 16 - 25, including information about external travel support.
To ensure that Haringey Council is operating within all statutory guidance for supporting young people and adults to attend places of learning.

Introduction of Behavioural Standards for children and young people using Transport commissioned by the Local Authority.
To ensure that all children and young people’s needs and understood, and transport is safe we have introduced a Behaviour Standards section in the policy. Pages 29 to 31 of the policy (PDF, 748KB) explain the need to understand children and young people’s behaviours on transport and to ensure these are managed safely and effectively so that children and young people are safe at all times.

Detailed explanation of the transport decision making process.
To ensure that decision-making in relation to Home-School Transport is transparent and subject to appropriate challenge as described within the Statutory Guidance the policy sets out the decisions which inform eligibility for home-school transport. These decisions are set out on page 21 of the under-16s policy (PDF, 748KB) and page 15 of the over-16s policy (PDF, 896KB).

Standardisation of disputes and appeals process in accordance with Statutory Guidance.
To ensure that Haringey is operating according to the Statutory Guidance for Local authorities (2014) Haringey has set out its appeal process on page 35 of the under-16s policy (PDF, 748KB) and page 26 of the post-16 policy (PDF, 896KB).

Development of ‘Personal travel budgets’ and how they are calculated.
To ensure that Haringey Council is fair, open, and transparent about calculations of Personal Travel Budgets these are set out on page 18 of the under-16s policy (PDF, 748KB) and page 24 of the post-16 policy (PDF, 896KB).

Comprehensive ‘Application’ procedure and guidance.
To ensure that families are clear about how to apply for Transport the application forms are included in the guidance on page 10 of the under-16s policy (PDF, 748KB) and page 19 of the post-16 policy.

Clarity around breakfast/ after school clubs and times when Haringey will provide transport.
To ensure that families are clear about what is the standard offer of assisted travel and any circumstances in which Haringey will support wrap-around care, these details are included on page 23 of the under-16s policy (PDF, 748KB) and page 32 of the over-16s policy (PDF, 748KB).

Introduction of cut-off timescales.
To reduce disruption to the service and inform effective planning, London Borough of Haringey (LBH) are implementing cut off dates for applications. The beginning of the academic year is the most critical time with regard to school travel and we aim to promote continuity in the service we provide the children. Late applications present several issues for the service in several ways, which is why a cut-off date is necessary.

Cut-off dates will be published well in advance on the LBH’s local offer, which is available on our website. We will also correspond with parents and carers in writing via mail/ email informing them of the exact dates, these details are described on page 11 of the under-16s policy (PDF, 748KB) and page 20 of the post-16 policy (PDF, 896KB).

COVID-19 information in relation to home-school transport.
To provide COVID-19 information in relation to home-school transport to ensure that Transport arrangements are safe and sustainable the policies now include specific COVID guidance.

These changes will particularly affect service users who have or support a child or young person with special education needs or disabilities.

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We would like to hear your views about these changes - please complete the consultation form below before Sunday 31 July 2022.

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If you have questions or want to request a paper version of the consultation, please get in touch with us at school.transport@haringey.gov.uk

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May 17, 2022

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