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Haringey Local Area SEND Inspection Report - October 2021

We wanted to start by thanking children, young people, their parents and carers for their involvement in this inspection. Your commitment and honest feedback is very much appreciated and will inform our service development programme to improve SEND services for children and young people.

Main findings of the inspection

Below you will find a summary of the main findings of the inspection and how we are responding. This includes what we are doing to address the 3 areas of significant weakness that the inspectors identified.

The main findings of the report are:

  • Area leaders produced a clear, fair and detailed self-evaluation that sets out the area’s priorities in identifying, assessing and meeting the needs of children and young people with SEND. Accurate analysis carried out by leaders highlighted areas of strength, but equally areas where further improvements are needed to embed the SEND agenda across the partnership. The findings of the inspection, therefore, did not come as a surprise to us, and the areas of weakness identified were things we were already aware of and committed to improving
  • There is strong collaboration between the NHS, local authority and other partners to promote the SEND agenda and to deliver provision which meets the needs of children and young people with SEND and their families. Effective joint commissioning systems are in place in Haringey and are well-embedded. The inspectors also recognised that our recent leadership changes have ensured an increased sense of urgency in completing much-needed improvements in SEND provision for children and young people in Haringey. This urgency will continue as we work to improve the areas highlighted by the inspection
  • The skills, care and dedication of staff was noted by the inspectors in every area of the inspection, and our thanks go to all our exceptional colleagues that work in health, education and care. Inspectors also found that there is a developing culture of listening and learning with operational staff telling leaders what they are experiencing on the ground
  • Strategic leaders understand the importance of co-production. However, in practice, there is neither a culture nor practical systems in place for this to occur. Leaders are clear that more needs to be done to embed co-production with parents, children and young people in Haringey
  • The quality of Education, Health and Care plans (EHCPs) is poor. Inspectors identified too many errors and shortfalls in EHCPs
  • Too many children and young people wait too long for assessments to identify Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). There is little or, in most circumstances, no specific support available while waiting for assessment

A Written Statement of Action (WSoA) to Ofsted will now be co-produced to show what we are going to do to address the 3 areas of significant weakness identified:

  • The poor quality of Education Health and Care Plans
  • Poor communication and co-production with parents, children and young people
  • Unacceptable waiting times for Autistic Spectrum Disorder assessments

We have 70 days from the date of publication of findings to complete this and will publish our Written Statement of Action (WSoA) on our Local Offer pages.

For more information and advice on services and support available as part of our Local Offer please visit our special education needs and disabilities pages. You can also contact Haringey SENDIASS for information, advice and support (external link).

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