Haringey Council and its supply chain after Brexit

Haringey Council is committed to supporting its residents and businesses post-EU exit. There is ongoing uncertainty about the full potential impact of Brexit on UK industries.

Haringey Council is committed to supporting our supply chain and to minimising disruption to public services and the communities we serve. Brexit is widely considered by trade and regulatory experts to be complex and challenging for businesses to adapt to. Our new trading agreement with the EU involves significant change and requires rapid adaptation. 

Haringey Council has been in contact with a large number of our suppliers to determine the possible effects of Brexit. A number of common themes have emerged and the following links provide advice and support in those areas:

The post-Brexit settlement program for EU citizens wishing to remain in the UK closes on 30 June 2021. If you are in need of help or advice about employees who are EU citizens please use the following links:

Public procurement regulations advice guidance available from GOV.UK:

Future funding of Local Authorities available from The Local Government Association (external link).

All our suppliers should maintain a dialogue with their usual point of contact (i.e. contract manager) about any potential impacts or concerns.

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Page last updated:

March 6, 2023