Preparing for emergencies

Business Continuity: Advice for Businesses and Voluntary Organisations

Keeping your business running

Haringey Council can provide advice to businesses in the borough on business continuity, and help you think about the ways you can protect your business so you can withstand disruptions when they occur. Take a look at further links at the bottom of the page, and use the 10-minute assessment - Business Continuity (PDF, 74KB) to help get you started.

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Things you can do to protect your business

  • Have a Business Continuity Plan. Update and review the plan regularly
  • Identify potential risks and impact to your business. Use the supplied tools and links below to help prepare
  • Keep contact numbers of all staff and suppliers, including mobile numbers wherever possible, as well as email addresses
  • Make sure your IT systems have the latest firewalls, virus protection and anti-spyware protections in place. Ensure you back up your data to a secure location and employ cyber awareness (NCSC Small Business Guide: Cyber Security (external link))
  • List your buildings and facilities and make sure you have some form of insurance for them. Keep these insurance details in more than one place
  • List all your suppliers along with a list of alternatives, if needed
  • 'Opening' up your business as soon as possible after any problem will help improve your reputation in the community, even if this can only be done via telephone or website

More information and guidance can be found by visiting the London Prepared website (external link) or the Government Guidance on Managing Risk, Business Continuity (external link).

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Business Grab Bag for emergencies

Keep a bag packed with the contents below so you are prepared for a sudden emergency:

  • Floor plans with utilities marked on
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Roll call list
  • First aid kit
  • Staff details/next of kin
  • Torch
  • Wind up radio
  • Loud hailer (no whistles)
  • High visibility jacket or tabard
  • Refreshments - eg energy bars and bottled water
  • Insurance details (contact number, policy number, asset list)
  • Call tree details - who will call who, within and outside of the business

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Things to consider

  • Contact 999 even if you think someone else might have already done so - it gives the Emergency Services a clear picture of what is happening
  • Are your sprinkler systems secure? Make sure no one is able to tamper with them
  • Have you set up loose arrangements for controlling an incident? Who will take control? Are people trained in what to do in an emergency?
  • Do you need to evacuate or stay in the premises in an emergency? This will depend on whether the threat is inside (a fire) or outside (a flood)
  • Be aware of cyber-crime, read the guide for business on the Action Fraud website (external link)

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Further information

For further information on business continuity and the council's emergency planning procedures, please contact:

Haringey Emergency Planning
River Park House
225 High Road
Wood Green
N22 8HQ

Tel 020 8489 3334

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