London Wide Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

Call for Sites

The Greater London Authority (GLA), in partnership with the London Boroughs is issuing a call for sites to be included in the London-wide Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA). The purpose of the study is to update the borough-level housing targets in a further alteration to the London Plan and to provide evidence for borough Local Development Frameworks of the land availability to meet those targets. The study will assess a substantial number of sites across London for their potential to help address London’s housing needs. These will include site proposed during the call.

All sites over 0.25 hectares will be considered as part of the study and assessed using strategic and local information through a revised version of the London Housing Capacity Study System.

In order to facilitate borough-led assessment of potential housing sites the GLA is asking for key information about sites including site boundaries in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) format, where possible. The information, including contact details, will enable boroughs to assess individual sites using the system and to contact site proposers and developers where appropriate.

  • The call for sites will be open until 28 January 2013

Site boundaries and information should be provided, where possible, in GIS format.

The GLA has prepared a GIS-based pro-forma which should be used to provide information and boundaries for proposed sites. The pro-forma and information about GIS requirements are available from and should be returned to Mike Newitt:

If you would like further information on the London SHLAA, please contact Jennifer Peters:

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December 10, 2017