North London Waste Plan (NLWP)

The 7 North London boroughs of Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington and Waltham Forest have prepared a joint Waste Plan. It was adopted by Haringey Council on 18 July 2022.

The Waste Plan identifies a range of suitable sites for the management of all North London's waste up to 2031, and includes policies and guidelines for determining planning applications for waste developments.

You can download the North London Waste Plan (NLWP) and associated documents below:


NLWP Examination 2020

The NLWP examination hearings took place at The Crowndale Centre, NW1 1BD in November 2019. The boroughs produced a number of main modifications to address the issues raised at the hearings by representors and the Inspector. 

A consultation ran from from Thursday 29 October 2020 to Thursday 10 December 2020 on those modifications.

See the modifications and associated documents on the NLWP website (external link).

Representations on the main modifications were given to the Inspector by the boroughs for him to consider in the final stages of the examination and to inform the recommendations in his final report. The Inspector found the Plan sound subject to those modifications.

Please see the NLWP website (external link) for further details.

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NLWP consultation 2019

The seven North London Boroughs published the proposed submission North London Waste Plan (NLWP) between 1 March and 12 April 2019 for consultation.

See the consultation page on the NLWP website (external link) for further information on the consultation.

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Preferred options consultation 2015

The North London boroughs consulted on the Draft North London Waste Plan (NLWP) from Thursday 30 July 2015 to Wednesday 30 September 2015.

You can view the Draft NLWP and the associated evidence base documents on the NLWP website consultation page (external link).

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