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How do you think Haringey should look in the future?

Help shape the future of your borough

Haringey Council needs your help in developing Haringey’s future planning policies. If you want to get involved in developing new and existing planning policies we want to hear from you.

Get involved

Simply sign up to be included on our consultation database and we’ll contact you directly to ask you what you think about emerging policies and plans and our decisions. This will give you the opportunity to have your say and influence how we develop our policies – to shape a thriving and vibrant future for our borough.

Send us your contact details or get your details removed

Email us at 

Data protection

Your details will be kept on record for 3 years, after which we will contact you to check if you still want to remain on the database. They will be stored securely and not passed onto any third parties.

Individual planning applications

To find out about the Planning Applications consultation process please:

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Page last updated:

December 15, 2023