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Libraries Improvement Plans

We know how important libraries are to Haringey’s communities – so we’re improving them to offer you more. We’ve allocated £550,000 to enhance our six smaller libraries: Alexandra Park, Muswell Hill, St Ann’s, Coombes Croft, Stroud Green & Harringay and Highgate. The council is also investing £500,000 in new IT across all Haringey libraries to improve their digital facilities for residents. 

Public engagement phase

We conducted a series of public engagement sessions in June-July 2019, with all building and design plans displayed online and in each library, to ensure that we spoke to as many library users as possible about how to create an improved working and learning environment.

Twelve drop-in sessions were held – two in each library. Staff were on hand to discuss the options with library users, understand how the public like to use the libraries and how they feel their library experiences could be improved through the capital investment. 

During these sessions the project team explained the scope of works and required structural building changes to facilitate the new and improved design layouts.  

Members of the public were encouraged to capture their thoughts on the proposals on comment cards or online via the Haringey website. Their views have been summarised and illustrated in the tables below.

Next steps

We plan to develop only one library in each region of the borough at a time, to ensure that the improvements cause as little disruption to library services as possible.

As the designs develop library users and stakeholders will be kept informed at key stages in the process. We expect the first works will commence in spring 2020 and that the rolling programme will run through to autumn 2021.

Feedback received

All feedback received has been considered and was reflected in the revised design brief, which will be shared in due course. 

Below is the summary of the feedback received:

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2 December 2019