Street Filming

Planning to film on the streets in Haringey?

All planned street filming must be cleared with the film office. You can either:

  • Phone 020 7620 0391 for an initial conversation, or

Apply online (external link)

What we will do

  • we will check there are no street works planned for your location on that specific day, and can book you in as an on-street activity
  • any filming on the public highway must be covered by a public liability insurance policy of at least £5 million, (please note, this is not as expensive to arrange as it sounds - if you do not have a policy, we can advise you on where to go for cover that will suit your budget)
  • when we receive your request, we will evaluate the impact of your shoot. Many simple shoots planned with a hand-held camera or tripod will be straightforward to approve. A site visit may be required, but approval will often be a formality if we are satisfied that the shoot has been well planned, is of a low impact nature and will not disturb, obstruct or cause hazard to the public
  • for more complicated filming involving camera track, lighting, scaffolding, cherry pickers, stunts, pyrotechnics or props, a site visit may be necessary. We will require a thorough risk assessment to be submitted. The film officer will liaise on your behalf with the relevant council departments to secure permission for your filming
  • When filming has been approved - we will notify the police on your behalf

Be aware that any filming on 'Red Routes' must be organised via Transport for London, as these roads are not looked after by the Council. See useful contacts for further details of red routes in the borough.

All planned filming must adhere to the  Film London: Location filming in London - Code of Practice (PDF, 55KB)

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Page last updated:

August 16, 2023