Satellite placement

Satellite dishes do not always need planning permission. To find out whether you will need to make an application, please read the Householder's Planning Guide for the Installation of Antennas including Satellite Dishes (see External Links).

When considering installing a satellite antenna/dish on your property, perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind is where it will be positioned. Although you will understandably wish to make sure that your antenna provides adequate reception, it is also important to consider the visual effect on your property and the street.

  • An antenna mounted on the roof will be less noticeable than one mounted on a wall.
  • Antennas on a wall at the back of the building will usually be less noticeable than on the front of the building.
  • Antennas mounted close to the ground in the back garden will be less noticeable to neighbours than ones mounted on poles.
  • Antennas hidden behind a parapet or a chimney stack may be less noticeable than one mounted on the wall.

Please note: You may also need your landlord or freeholder's permission before installing a satellite antenna/dish

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The consequences of poor positioning

If your planning department thinks your antenna is in a poor position and could reasonably be moved to make it less noticeable, they may ask you to move it (at your own expense). You would not have to apply for planning permission.

If you refuse this request, your planning department may:

  • demand that you apply for planning permission (for which you must pay a fee) based on the fact that the antenna's effect on the outside appearance of the building has not been reduced as far as possible;


  • send you an enforcement notice demanding that you move the antenna.

You are entitled to appeal if the planning department refuses your application for planning permission, or sends you an enforcement notice. Reasons for an appeal could include that you think the chosen position of the antenna is appropriate, or that the measures you would need to take to move it are excessive, perhaps causing you unreasonable costs.

For further information and guidance and to view the satellite positioning picture guide, please go the Planning Portal website (see External Links).

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