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Turnaround Project

The Turnaround programme is a voluntary Early Help intervention which is delivered by Haringey Youth Justice Service (YJS).

The aim is to offer support to a child and their family as soon as a problem comes up, with the aim of reducing the risk that children will enter the statutory Youth Justice System.

Eligibility criteria

  • Young person has come to notice of agencies with enforcement powers for repeated involvement in anti-social behaviour (social landlords, police, community safety)
  • those involved in anti-social behaviour who have received a Community Protection Warning/Notice
  • interviewed under caution following arrest
  • attending a voluntary interview (caution plus three)
  • subject to No Further Action decisions by police
  • subject to a Community Resolution
  • first-time youth caution, (not including Youth Conditional Cautions)
  • released under investigation (RUI) or subject to pre-charge bail (PCB)
  • discharged or acquitted at court
  • fined by a court


  • The child must not have previously received support from the Turnaround Programme.
  • The child must not have previously been open to the YJS on a statutory Order.
  • The child must not be a Child Looked After or open to CYPS under a Child Protection Plan
  • The child must not be receiving whole family support coordinated by a lead practitioner in Early Help.
  • Children open as CIN may be eligible as long as there is a clear unmet need that the Turnaround Programme can meet as part of a coordinated plan.

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How can it help?

Turnaround can help young people and families by providing:

  • help to find positive activities
  • help with employment, education, and training
  • advice and support around the consequences and involvement in anti-social behaviour
  • help with thinking and making positive decisions
  • help with managing emotions
  • support around substance misuse
  • support around physical and emotional health
  • advice on sexual health matters
  • parenting support

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Aims of the programme

  • To prepare our children for the future and help them go onto to achieve positively
  • To reduce the impact of offending and decrease anti-social behaviour in our communities and schools
  • To help our children to learn from the mistakes they have made and to be able to move on successfully
  • Children can be transferred to services that help reduce the likelihood of re-offending.

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This is an entirely voluntary programme, there will be no penalty for non-engagement, although every effort will be made to encourage young people and families to engage.

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Page last updated:

July 6, 2023