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Foster Care Fortnight

About the campaign

Foster Care Fortnight 2021Foster Care Fortnight is the national awareness campaign headed up by the national charity The Fostering Network.

It aims to not only raise the profile of fostering, and to increase awareness around the power of fostering to transform the lives of children and young people.

This year, Foster Care Fortnight 2021 took place from 10 to 23 May.

Fostering is looking after a child within your home, on a short or long-term basis.

There can be many reasons why a child may need a foster home, including family illnesses, abuse or neglect, breakdowns in family relations, or a child may have arrived unaccompanied from abroad.

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Throughout Foster Care Fortnight, we asked you to help us showcase the honourable commitment of foster carers in Haringey by using the hashtag #WhyWeCare. The aim was to share the views of those within the fostering community about why we care, and to show how foster care transforms the lives of children and young people across the country.

Our aim is to help and encourage the wider society to understand and value fostering and the positive difference it can make in young people’s lives. We hope this increased awareness will build support for fostering, challenge the stigma surrounding children in foster care and encourage more people to come forward to foster.

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What our foster carers say

One of our amazing foster carers, Ema, took some time out of her day to tell us why she is a foster carer and why she believes others should become foster carers.

My husband and I have worked with Haringey for over 20 years. We became foster carers because we like being around children and young people. More recently my husband and I have really enjoyed fostering babies and under-fives, getting all of their brain development right or repaired, so that they can build on that and go on to have a secure attachment and futures.

We also had family friends who fostered, and we could see it was something we could do.

If you want to foster, remember it’s not just you that fosters, it’s your whole family. Also remember Self Care!

We are looking for London-based foster carers who can offer care, stability and consistency to our children and young people. A foster carer can be single, married or in a relationship.

You don’t need to own your own home and there is no upper age limit as long as you are fit and healthy enough to care for a child. Foster carers will need a spare bedroom within their home to look after a child over the age of 2.

A great deal of support and training comes from the council’s fostering team – including a dedicated supervising social worker. We pay our foster carers a weekly allowance for each child or young person placed with them, plus a generous weekly fee for the foster carer.

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Interviews with our foster carers and fostering staff

In 2020 we interviewed a few of our foster carers and members of our fostering team, to hear first-hand about their experience being a foster carer and working in the fostering team. 

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Contact us

With such a great need, now is the time to start finding out more about taking those first steps towards becoming a foster carer. Why not contact the team this Foster Care Fortnight and start that journey to change a young person’s future? If interested, you can:

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July 26, 2021