Town Centres Creative Art Project

Stroud Green Road, High Road and Station Road (Wood Green) are turning into an outdoor art gallery! In collaboration with Bud Studio, local artists have worked with traders to create stunning artworks on shop shutters. 
Alongside this, a number of murals are being installed across the borough. The mural designs and themes have been chosen by the local community and stakeholders and have been designed by local artists. 
With a range of multicultural businesses, the artworks created are bold, ambitious, and reflect and reaffirm the area’s cultural identities.
Funded through the High Street Recovery Action Plan, the project supports the talent of local artists with the overall objective of creating a resilient and vibrant Haringey business community.

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Installed shutter artwork

Exciting Parties – Stroud Green Road

Exciting Parties

Artist: Tom Blackford

Quote from Exciting Parties:

"We are very pleased with our shutter! The project couldn't have come at a more perfect time. We couldn't be happier with the final piece. Tom did a brilliant job, and the feedback has been phenomenal. It has brightened the street and has made our shop stand out and in turn more memorable. We feel it also makes the front of the shop look way more professional when closed and showcases the love for what we do and what we sell."

Kantin Kitchen – Station Road

Kantin Kitchen

Artist: Qwynto

Quote from Kantin Kitchen:

"From the beginning I struck up a very good working relationship with Zoe from Bud Studios. We discussed various artists and their portfolios. I eventually chose one the artist Qwynto who I felt could best reflect my business (Café). The theme of the artwork is a breakfast table using pastel colours. I am really happy with the end product and have had some positive feedback."

Deli at 80 – Stroud Green Road

Artist: Hanna Benihoud 

Deli at 80

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Great News 

Artist: Phoebe Swan

Great News

Santas Pharmacy - Stroud Green Road

Artist: Tom Blackford 

Santas Pharmacy

Bacchus N4 - Stroud Green Road

Artist: Albert Agwa

 Bacchus N4

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Cafe Carmel - Stroud Green Road

Artist: Will Redgrove

Cafe Carmel

N4 Coffee Fruit - Stroud Green Road

Artist: Luke Fairhead

N4 Coffee Fruit

Dixy Chicken - Wood Green

Artist: Will Redgrove

Dixy Chicken

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Granny's Caribbean - Wood Green

Artist: Horace

Granny's Caribbean

Laundrette 734 - Wood Green

Artist: Nadir Kaaouachi

Laundrette 734

Mets Barbers - Stroud Green Road

Artist: Ultrakolor 

Mets Barbers

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New Beacon Books - Stroud Green Road

Artist: Brebmass

New Beacon Books

Pachara Asian Grocery - Stroud Green Road

Artist: Eloisa Henderson-Figueroa

Pachara Asian Grocery

Smart Design Barbers - Stroud Green Road

Artist: Saadia Mebchour

Smart Design Barbers

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Achom and Partners - Stroud Green Road

Artist: Brebmass

Achom and Partners

Efsane Patisserie - Wood Green

Artist: Apparan

Efsane Patisserie

Top Dry Cleaners - Wood Green

Artist: Nadir Kaaouachi

Top Dry Cleaners

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Park Vue Dental - Wood Green

Artist: Xavier Segers

Park Vue Dental

Benjawan Thai Massage - Stroud Green Road

Artist: Alice Clarke

Benjawan Thai Massage

Butlers Deli - Stroud Green Road

Artist: Billie Fawcett

Butlers Deli

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Lulu's Caribbean Takeaway - Stroud Green Road

Artist: Phoebe Swan

Lulu's caribbean takeaway

Fryers Delight - Wood Green

Artist: @fate.01

Fryers Delight

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Installed mural artwork

Alex House Mural

Artist: Anna Nicolo

The first mural to be installed as part of the town centre creative art project is on the wall of Alex House – Haringey Council’s main office. The purpose of the mural is to signpost people from Station Road into Blue House Yard. The mural, designed by artist Anna Nicolo and installed by Bud Studio reflects the business and creative sectors in Blue House Yard and adds a splash of colour to Station Road.

Alex House Mural

48 Station Road Mural

Artist: Albert Agwa

The mural at 48 Station Road is a true masterpiece! Albert Agwa has brilliantly blended elements from Gustav Vigeland's art, Vigeland Park, and Yannis Davy's photography into a captivating figurative abstract artwork. The mural beautifully portrays the diversity of Haringey, and the use of a bright, bold palette completes the objective of bringing colour to Wood Green. This mural was also supported by Bud Studio. Watch the transformation on YouTube (external link).

48 Station Road mural

Birds Of The World at Lymington Avenue Mural

Artist: Phoebe Swan

Phoebe Swan has brought The Birds Of The World to Lymington Avenue with this amazing mural supported by Bud Studio.

Lymington Avenue mural - image 1 Lymington Avenue mural - image 2 Lymington Avenue mural - image 3

Noel Park Road Mural

Artist: Qwynto

The mural was designed by the artist Qwynto and supported by Bud Studio following engagement with local stakeholders and young people who attended a workshop at Rising Green Youth Hub. The artwork aims to greet shoppers with a friendly face and welcome people as they walk into the district.

By putting visitors in the middle of an interaction between these two people coming together, it evokes the sense that everyone is welcome here in this public space.

Noel Park Road mural - Tuesday Noel Park Road mural - Wednesday

Noel Park Road mural - Thursday Noel Park Road mural - Friday

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Project background

The below information is for reference only. The deadline for submissions has now passed.

The opportunity was open to both emerging artists who were looking to develop their practice and established artists with relevant experience. The initial Open Call was to put together a shortlist of artists. From the open call, 49 artists applied, with 34 having close connections to Haringey and the surrounding area. 

Four workshops were held across the borough to engage communities of all ages and business owners to:

  • come up with ideas for potential mural artworks in their areas
  • chose their favoured artist from a shortlist based on their feedback

Once the artists were selected, Bud Studio provided them with a final brief for their selected site. The brief detailed a breakdown of the site and requirements needed to create the artwork. The briefs were also informed by feedback collected from the community workshops.

We will continue to showcase artists, their artworks and the businesses supported as the project grows, until its completion in spring 2023.

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Previous Art Projects

Park Lane mural

Credit – Park Lane mural – Albert Clegg, Bud Studio

Credit – Albert Clegg, Bud Studio

Pride in Bruce Grove

Credit – Pride in Bruce Grove – Anna Nicolo and Matt Dosa

Credit – Anna Nicolo and Matt Dosa

Wood Green Mall art

Credit – Wood Green Mall art - Matt Dosa

Credit – Matt Dosa

Park Lane Shutter Gallery

Credit - Park Lane Shutter Gallery - Lana Hughes

Credit – Lana Hughes

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