Haringey Cost Savings Programme Case Studies

Latin Stop (Westbury Ave)

Latin Stop"The Place Support Partnership (PSP) team met us and provided very useful information about our electricity costs with their review. Within one hour, PSP was able to pinpoint savings of £2000 compared to the renewal offer from our current supplier.

"I strongly recommend this programme to others because the support and guidance offered by the PSP team were invaluable to us, and I believe they could be just as beneficial for other businesses facing similar challenges."


My Little Home Emporium (Crouch End)

My Little Home Emporium"During our relocation, we were struggling to find better energy and insurance deals. However, the PSP team provided a comparison of different suppliers and advised us on the best course of action for our business which was very helpful.

"The PSP team's simplified approach freed up valuable time for me to focus on other aspects of my business which was greatly appreciated. I am also eager to learn about similar programmes in the future as well."

Bruce Burgers (Bruce Grove)

Bruce Burgers"PSP feels like an added team to my business. They've reviewed areas of spend across my business offering recommendations on additional support. I've gained clarity on my costs specifically on my energy bills. As a result, I've saved over £20,000 across my business.

"Without a doubt, the PSP team are incredibly talented. They offer sound advice and explain everything at a pace that is understandable. Their service gives us the confidence to make more informed decisions and can help your business too."

Cafe Roj (Common Park)

Cafe Roj"I was uncertain about my contract end dates and unsure about the best way to proceed. Thanks to the PSP team's assistance, I've gained a better understanding of my bills and have been able to stay open-minded about my options.

"I highly recommend the programme to other businesses in the community. With ongoing challenges faced by businesses, PSP provides valuable information that can enhance resilience and help overcome these challenges."

The Markfield Project (Tottenham) 

Markfield"The Markfield project is a charity set up to support children with disabilities and their families. We run inclusive after school and holiday clubs for both disabled and non-disabled children to play together.  We also offer our services to adults with learning difficulties.

"We also offer a range of support for families helping them the access the services available to them.

"As a charity getting our cost as low as possible is vital.  We were pleased to be offered a savings review service by Haringey Council.  We were contacted by the savings team and a face to face meeting was arranged.

"Our premises are in a refurbished Victorian pump house and during the initial review a saving was identified for our pest control by the savings team and Place Support Partnership. We contacted our existing provider and they were able to match the new offer.

"We did also provide copies of our other utilities and look forward to hearing from the savings team as they come up for review towards the end of this year (2023).”

Dunns Bakery (Crouch End and Muswell Hill) 

Dunns Bakery"Our business is a family run artisan bakery with two sites in Muswell Hill and Crouch End. We have been trading for over 200 years. We are a primarily a retail business offering a range of baked goods, cupcakes, and celebration cakes.  We can also cater functions such as parties and meetings.  We do also supply some local restaurants as requested.

"As the chair of the local traders association, I was happy to meet with a member of the Haringey Savings Team and recommend the service to other local business. I know that the team have be visiting lots of businesses in the area. 

"It has been a tough few years for small businesses and any savings in business running costs will certainly help us all to recover and keep trading.

"We have made a small saving so far by changing our water supply and look forward to receiving further cost illustrations when they are available."

Perfect Nails Studio and Academy (Green Lanes) 

Perfect Nails"After a tough couple of years due to Covid we really needed some help financially.  We were contacted by the Savings Team for Haringey Council offering to review our utilities and a face-to-face meeting was arranged.  

"I was very happy with the advice I received so far and look forward to hearing from the team again when my other utilities are due for renewal."

Tao Sportswear (Green Lanes) 

Tao Sportswear"Our family run business initially started as a martial arts and boxing clothing store. Over time in expanded to include other sports including football. We provide embroidered and printed personalised sports clothes for clubs, teams, individuals, and businesses.

"As the chair of the Green Lanes Traders, I was aware of the savings programme from an early stage. I wholeheartedly support this scheme and believe that it has been invaluable to small businesses in helping them to reduce costs in these challenging times."

Tappers Original Jerk Caterers (Tottenham) 

Tappers"We are in the process of setting up our business to provide Caribbean food in Tottenham.  We were made aware of the cost savings service by a flyer that was delivered to our business premises and thought we would find this service useful.  We met with Rishi from PSP, and he was very helpful and knowledgeable.  We will be making contact with him again shortly to finalise our new utility arrangements.

"This service is a great help to small business owners who need to concentrate on their running their business as all the information is gathered together for you to review and make your decisions. Guidance on the energy market and lengths of contracts are also included. Once you pick your preferred option they do everything for you which saves my valuable time."

Victoria Stakes Pub (Muswell Hill)  

Victoria Stakes Pub"Our business has a pub, yard and first floor dining room for private parties with its own bar, and the facilities to have live music. I was contacted by Place Support Partnership to arrange a face to face meeting with their consultant Rishi. I did think this might just be a broker service but it was much more than that. Rishi was very knowledgeable about the current utility market, and the service was completely impartial. I found the information provided very clear and straightforward.

"I believe this service would be invaluable to businesses with less financial experience than us. At no time was any pressure applied and the advice was to stay with our current provider as they where offering the best deal. I would definitely be happy to use the service again."

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