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Individual circumstance exemption

Who is exempt?

The following are eligible for individual circumstance exemptions, subject to submission of appropriate evidence and justification:

  1. A person, or person with a child, with a condition that means sitting in a car or a re-routed journey causes overwhelming psychological distress
  2. A person, or person with a child, with a chronic health condition that makes sitting in a car very difficult
  3. A professional carer whose ability to transport a care recipient in a car or directly assist them with their care needs is significantly impaired by an LTN
  4. An organisation that solely transports people with access or disability needs

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Why do we have this exemption?

The above exemptions allow for key circumstances such as:

  • enabling a Blue Badge holder who does not live within an LTN or on the immediate boundary of that LTN but who needs to travel through it to register a vehicle for exemption to designated filters within that LTN (including Blue Badge Holders who live within an adjacent borough)
  • enabling parents or carers travelling with children with a disability to register motor vehicles required for transport of those children to or through the LTN for exemption to designated filters within that LTN
  • enabling professional carers visiting an address in an LTN to administer care to a care recipient to register a motor vehicle for exemption to designated filters within that LTN

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Where are they exempt?

This depends on the nature of the request. It may be single LTN filter, filters within discrete area of an LTN, a whole LTN or all LTNs in the borough.

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What is the application process?

Click the button below to make an application.

Apply for an LTN exemption

If you need help completing the form please contact Customer Services on 020 8489 4787.

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What evidence do I need to provide with my application?

To help ensure the application process is as user-friendly as possible, the application form includes a tick box enabling the applicant to grant the Council permission to cross-check its internal records for evidence purposes (e.g. proof of address). This will limit the need for applicants to supply information where the Council already holds it. The application form sets out the evidence types which may be required to support the application.

The application focuses on key details of the journeys impacted by the LTN or LTNs, such as the journey origin, the destination, the essentialness of the journeys, the journey duration, the time of day in which the journey must be made and the frequency of the journey.

Where an application is successful, the Council will confirm this in writing to the applicant, including providing details of the scope and extent of the given exemption that has been granted. This will either be linked to the expiry of the Blue Badge (at which point revised Blue Badge details would need to be provided) or time-limited to 1 year for non-Blue Badge holders.

Where an application is unsuccessful, the Council will confirm this in writing to the applicant, including providing details of why it has been refused.

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Can I appeal the Council’s decision to reject an application?

The applicant has a right of appeal which it may exercise for up to 28 days from the day the applicant received the LTN exemption decision. The appeal must come in the form of a written request and should include an explanation of why the applicant believes the Council should review its decision and any other information they would like considered as part of the review.

Within 56 days of receiving the written appeal, a senior officer will offer a decision with a written explanation of whether they have upheld the Council’s original exemption decision, how the review was conducted, how the decision was reached and the factors they considered in reaching that decision.

Details of how to appeal a decision will be included in our decision email.

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Who is not exempt?

While taxis and other private hire vehicles are important means of transport for some disabled people and other people with access needs, it is not currently feasible or practical for the council to administer, manage and enforce exemptions where the transport is arranged on an ad hoc basis and the vehicles are subject to regular change and advance notice cannot be provided of the registration details. As such, they are not subject to an exemption as these vehicles would potentially also be making transport journeys at other times with other occupants in the car that do not require an exemption and there is no way to distinguish between journeys. As such, taxis and other private hire vehicles are not included as part of the LTN Haringey exemptions criteria and applications process.

As the rollout of LTNs across the borough progresses, we will consider how such an exemption could be managed in the future.

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Page last updated:

December 28, 2022