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Blue Badge holders living within the Bowes Primary Area Quieter Neighbourhood (Enfield)

Who is exempt?

Blue Badge holders living within Bowes Primary Area Quieter Neighbourhood in Enfield are eligible to apply to Haringey Council for an exemption from designated camera-enforced traffic filters within Bounds Green LTN.

The vehicle does not need to be registered to the Blue Badge holder’s own address or owned or driven by them.

The exemption is limited to a single vehicle per Blue Badge holder.

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Where are they exempt?

Applications for this category of exemptions will only be issued for the discrete area in which you live.

For example, if you live on Palmerston Road, this is in Area B of the Bounds Green LTN. See LTN maps here. Under this exemption category, you will only be issued an exemption for camera enforced traffic filters within Area B. The signage at these locations will state “No motor vehicles except permit holders X1B”

Exemptions are not valid at traffic filters that do not have an exemption traffic sign. These are typically located where it would be unsafe (eg diagonal filters) or where there is a filter that physically prevents motor vehicles passing through (eg Truro Road).

Should you wish to seek an exemption from other areas, you will also need to apply for an Individual Circumstance exemption.

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What is the application process?

Click the link below to make an application.

Apply for an LTN exemption

If you need help completing the form please contact Customer Services on 020 8489 4787.

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What evidence do I need to provide with my application?

You will need to supply a copy of both sides of your Blue Badge and proof of your address, for example, a bank statement, utility bill or Council Tax statement dated within the past 3 months. 

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Who is not exempt?

Non-Blue Badge holders who want access to drive or be driven through camera-enforced filters can apply for an exemption via the individual circumstance exemption.

Similarly, exemptions for other LTNs (or other areas of the home LTN) would need to be sought via the individual circumstance exemption

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Page last updated:

January 11, 2023