Trouble paying bills

How to stop debts from building up

If for any reason you find yourself having trouble paying any of your bills, such as rent, don't ignore the problem. If you get into rent arrears you could end up losing your home.

Please talk to us straight away so we can help before it gets too late. We can also refer you to an independent Citizens Advice Bureau who will help you to improve your financial situation and give you advice about any benefits you can claim. For instance if you are a pensioner, disabled or a registered carer there may be extra money available to help with things such as heating bills.

Contact our Financial Inclusion team for advice on 020 8489 5611 or email

What happens if I am in rent arrears?

If you are in rent arrears, you will not be able to transfer to another council property, unless you have kept to an agreement to reduce your arrears for at least 12 months before an offer of alternative accommodation is made. There are also some further restrictions, for example you cannot:

  • be transferred to most housing associations, as they will not take tenants with arrears
  • make a mutual exchange

We will also chase you for payment of the arrears unless you have an arrangement to pay them off.

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June 28, 2022