Discover and explore Haringey's Black History with a range of specially-written exhibitions from Bruce Castle Museum & Archives for loan, as well as online videos and other resources available to download. 

Exhibitions for School Loans        

You can find out more about Haringey's Black History with our special programme of exhibitions for loan. Topics cover the early Georgian period to the 1980s. To borrow any of the exhibitions listed below, or for further information, please contact the Education Team at Bruce Castle Museum by email:        

List of Exhibitions for Loan                               

  • Black Georgian Londoners: People, Portraits & Perceptions Uncover the hidden histories of prominent black men and women of Georgian London and their connections with Haringey. Profiles include Phillis Wheatley, Olaudah Equiano and Ignatius Sancho, who was the first black man eligible to vote in the UK.
  • Carnival: Costume and Commentary Trace the early development of carnival in Western Europe and the Caribbean, as well as the history of carnival locally, including the People's World Carnival Band. Explore the meanings of different costumes made and used in carnivals and how costume has - and continues to be - used as a form of social commentary. 
  • Hidden Heroes Between 1914 and 1918 Britain took part in the First World War and brought men from all over the world to fight alongside each other. The exhibition tells individual stories of soldiers recruited from across the Empire who signed up and fought for this country, as well as highlighting their connections to Haringey.
  • Local Figureheads: Local Heroes An exhibition of objects donated by prominent people from Haringey's Black Community in 2003. Read more about their stories and find out about the significance of their selected object.                                
  • Local Reflections: Nelson Mandela and the Haringey Anti-Apartheid Movement  Explore the important legacy of Nelson Mandela and his friend Oliver Tambo, who lived in Muswell Hill, as well as remembering the contribution and strength of people in Haringey who came together and campaigned as part of the Anti-Apartheid Movement. 
  • Memories from the Islands An exhibition of commissioned photographs of everyday life in the Caribbean Islands from the 1950s and 1960s (from the collections of The National Archives). The images were chosen by and evoked delightful memories for members of Haringey University of the Third Age.
  • Origins of the Afro Comb Delve into the fascinating history of the African comb or pick spanning 5,000 years. The exhibition focuses on the origins of Afro combs and their use in influencing style, culture, politics and identity, as well highlighting the important contribution of the African-Caribbean hair company Dyke and Dryden from Tottenham.
  • Re-creating Memories This photographic exhibition of portraits was undertaken in 1989 by three new generation (and now celebrated) African-Caribbean photographers - Ingrid Pollard, David A. Bailey and Dave Lewis. Their photographs honour and celebrate community activists, leaders and individuals from the African and African Caribbean communities in Haringey.                      

Black History Exhibitions Online 

Discover even more about Haringey's Black History by exploring online past exhibitions from Bruce Castle Museum & Archives. 

Links & Liberty 

Links & Liberty reflects on the local connections to the slave trade and its abolition. The exhibition was created to commemorate the Bicentenary of the British Parliamentary Act to abolish the transatlantic slave trade in 1807.

Not Forgotten: Memories of the Second World War 

This exhibition brings together the stories and memories of local people and others during the war years on the home front in Britain, .

Spurs 1909: The Era of Walter Tull

In 1909 Tottenham Hotspur signed a new player, Walter Daniel Tull. In 2009 - 2010, Bruce Castle Museum held an exhibition dedicated to Walter Tull, on the anniversary of his signing with Tottenham Hotspur.

See below for more information on Walter Tull and to download learning resources provided by Tottenham Hotspurs Foundation. 

Windrush: Legends and Legacy

Follow the stories of the commitment and contribution to democracy, education, business, culture, and the lasting impact by Haringey's Windrush generation and their descendants in our community.

Digital Learning Resources

Discover more with our black history and culture themed videos and learning resources.

Carnival Kings and Queens 

Carnival Kings and Queens, is a short video using archived footage of past local carnivals in Haringey, Hackney, Holborn and Notting Hill. It also shows paraders in the Caribbean. Mas Band dancers, organisers and designers give their accounts visually and orally of how they and the Caribbean community prepare for Carnival. A film scripted and directed by fiLTHY LuCre Films. 

Note for iPhone users and Youtube. There is a known bug with iOS and Youtube, Two buttons are read before the player but provide no functionality. We advise that you skip these to access the content.

It's a Carnival Thing by Lady Esi

In this video Lady Esi shares her love affair with Carnival. From her first time attending Notting Hill Carnival as a reveller to playing Mas. 

Note for iPhone users and Youtube. There is a known bug with iOS and Youtube, Two buttons are read before the player but provide no functionality. We advise that you skip these to access the content.

Visit our Families page to find more about Carnival and to download our arts and crafts resources. 

Hairstory by fILTHY LuCre Films

Hairstory is a short documentary about black afro hair. It takes a brief look at different types of traditional, cultural and modern hairstyles, and different types of hair care, including the use of different combs, such as the afro comb and it's political references to solidarity and resistance. 

Note for iPhone users and Youtube. There is a known bug with iOS and Youtube, Two buttons are read before the player but provide no functionality. We advise that you skip these to access the content.

Discover more about Afro combs and design your own with our activity:  Afro Comb Art (PDF, 74KB)

Hair by Lady Esi

The poem is about celebrating the versatility of black hair and the amazing hairstyles that can be worn which are beautiful and unique, and a reminder that however one chooses to wear their hair they should do it with confidence, self-beauty and pride. The poem was written in 2013, inspired after a conversation about how people are judged by their hair. The poem started off as a response to that conversation, where I asked does it matter what you do with your hair.

Lady Esi is a storyteller, creative artist and presenter who is dedicated to serving and empowering others. You can connect with her on Twitter or Instagram @askladyesi

Note for iPhone users and Youtube. There is a known bug with iOS and Youtube, Two buttons are read before the player but provide no functionality. We advise that you skip these to access the content.

Listen to the poem or download it: 

Using the poem as inspiration, why not have a go at writing your own poem or story about your hair? You can send your creations to 

Walter Tull and Spurs Black and white image of Walter Tull

Tottenham Hotspur Foundation have provided a resource pack on football pioneer and Spurs player Walter Tull. 

The pack includes a fun and interesting quiz with an information sheet explaining how to run it.

Download the resources below and discover more about Walter Tull:

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25 March 2021

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