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Equipment and Adaptations

Occupational Therapy

What does an Occupational Therapist do?

The Occupational Therapy Service helps people who have physical disabilities to live as independently as possible, and helps their carers and families to care for them safely. The Occupational Therapist works with you to identify how your disability is affecting your ability to carry out daily tasks such as getting on and off the toilet or getting up and down the stairs.

How can we help you?

Occupational Therapy follows the Government Personalisation Approach. Following an assessment we discuss the options with you giving you choice and control over the services you receive. We can offer information and advice regarding alternative ways of carrying out activities independently. If your needs can be met with simple equipment and minor adaptations, these can usually be prescribed. If necessary, we can recommend major adaptations for your home.

Find out more about the Government Personalisation Agenda (external link).

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A simple aid is a piece of equipment that helps an individual manage everyday tasks at home, such as eating, getting out of bed or visiting the toilet, which will increase their independence.

Examples of simple aids include bath seats to help with getting in and out of the bath and raised toilet seats to assist those with restricted mobility.

If you or someone you care for needs a simple aid to help with daily tasks, there are two ways this can be arranged:

  • You can get this with a prescription following the assessment
  • You can buy the simple aid you need directly from one of the accredited retail outlets

You can read more about the equipment prescription process and how to purchase equipment directly from retailers on our Transforming Community Equipment Services page.

If you or someone you care for has more complex needs, for example they need a hoist to be able to get on and off the bed, the equipment will be provided by Medequip.

The Occupational Therapist will let you know how you will get the equipment.

Current users of the service who have equipment on loan – who to contact

People with community equipment on loan from us, such as pressure mattresses and hoists, please note that in future equipment of this kind will be delivered, collected and recycled by a provider called Medequip.

If you have a problem with, or no longer need, the equipment, the number you need to phone is 020 8709 7050 (or out of hours 020 8573 2871). Alternatively, you can email Medequip at or fax them on 020 8551 2900.

For advice and details on products that can make daily living tasks easier, visit the AskSARA website (external link).

Minor adaptations

Examples: Grab rail, stair rail, chair raise, step alterations.

Installation of minor adaptations is dependant on ownership of your property. Haringey Council undertakes work for council and owner occupied properties. If you live in privately rented accommodation, we will require permission from the landlord before we are able to adapt the property. Housing Associations usually undertake minor adaptations for their tenants based on our recommendations.

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Major adaptations

Examples: Stair lift, ramp for a wheelchair, level access shower.

Occupational Therapy staff will recommend major adaptations if it is necessary and appropriate to meet the needs of a person who has permanent disability and has a substantial/critical need. The recommendation has to be approved by Panel and Director.

Once an adaptation has been agreed, the process of arranging for the adaptations to be carried out will depend upon who owns your home. If you are either the owner or a tenant of your property you can apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) towards the adaptations.

The Surveyors will find builders, obtain estimates and supervise the adaptation to your home. The Financial Assessment Officers arrange for grant assistance, when relevant, and will help you complete the necessary forms.

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Help with Hearing and Sight Loss

The Sensory Impairment Team work with people with hearing loss and sight loss across the borough and can carry out an assessment to identify the help you may need. Sensory staff can also provide training to help you find solutions to the everyday problems that arise and give information about the equipment available.

If you are eligible to receive simple equipment, you can now get this with a prescription following the assessment. You can also buy the simple aid you need directly from one of the accredited retail outlets.

You can read more about the equipment prescription process and how to purchase equipment directly from retailers on our Transforming Community Equipment Services page.

If the equipment you require is not available from the accredited retail outlets, it may be provided to you from Haringey Equipment Service. The Officer who has carried out the assessment will let you know how you can get the equipment.

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Who can get help?

These services are available to Haringey residents who:

  • have a disability
  • are elderly
  • have a long-term or terminal illness which causes you to have difficulties coping with daily living tasks

Visit HAricare, our adult care directory, to find out about other services available for Haringey residents.

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How to get help

You can contact the Integrated Access Team (IAT) directly, or you may be referred by a family member, friend or health care staff.

All the referrals are processed by the IAT who will assess your requirements. Their response to you depends on the urgency of your needs. The assessment can be done through a Drop In Centre, Mobile Clinic or home visit.

How to contact the Access Team

  • Tel: 020 8489 1400
    Opening Hours 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday
  • Fax: 020 8489 4900
  • Email:
  • Text: IAT to 80818
    (charged at standard rate depending on provider and subscriber’s package)
  • Write to
    Integrated Access Team
    London Borough of Haringey
    3rd Floor, 10 Station Road
    Wood Green
    N22 7TR
    One of our dedicated team of Community Care Officers will be pleased to assist with your enquiry.
  • Web: Visit Haricare (external link) - the online directory of services for adults

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7 August 2015

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