Deaf and Hearing Support

Assessment and support at home

If you are Deaf or hard of hearing and have difficulties hearing normal daily sounds; e.g. doorbell, telephone, TV and smoke alarm and similar. you may request a hearing impairment assessment at home.

The Technical Officer will carry out an assessment and identify your needs. Appropriate advice, information and equipment/adaptation will be discussed based on the needs identified.

Is there a charge for services?

  • There is no charge for assessment, information and advice.
  • We can supply some equipment on loan for no charge, however, supplies are limited

How to get an assessment

Referral can be made by anyone including yourself, a family member, friend or health care staff by contacting:

  • Tel: 020 8489 1400
    Opening Hours 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday
  • Email:
  • Write to:
    Integrated Access Team
    London Borough of Haringey
    2nd Floor River Park House
    225 High Road
    Wood Green
    N22 8HQ

One of our dedicated team of Community Care Officers will be pleased to assist with your enquiry.

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Hearing Aid Batteries

Haringey Council does not issue NHS Hearing Aid batteries - these are provided by your health service.

If you have a NHS provided hearing aid, please contact your issuing hospital/department.

The details of your issuing hospital/department are on the white label on the back of your NHS Hearing Aid book.

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Haringey Deaf Service

A 1-to-1 confidential support and advice service for adults who are Deaf or hard of hearing and live in Haringey.

Our Deaf service worker uses British Sign Language (BSL) and is able to help with or advise on a variety of problems or issues.

Please note: Due to staff shortages, we are unable to offer any further appointments for the foreseeable future.

Please email if you need support.

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Page last updated:

December 4, 2023