Improving Turnpike Lane

Improving Turnpike Lane together

Turnpike Lane street sign

High streets are the heart and soul of our community.

Turnpike Lane is a unique and bustling high street. It has traditional Victorian terraced street properties with more than 100 shops along its length. It also connects the east and west parts of the borough. Turnpike Lane is a place you visit to shop, eat or is home to your business.

The community have been clear that they would like to see Turnpike Lane improved.

With the support of Turnpike Lane Traders Association, over the last few years we have spoken with the local community about how they would like to see Turnpike Lane changed for the better. Plans for improvement are underway. 

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Your feedback 

Improving Turnpike Lane engagement event

The community shared their feedback on plans to improve Turnpike Lane at an in-person exhibition at the All Good Bookshop or took an online survey. 

Overall the community were positive about the proposals. 34% or respondents shopped on Turnpike Lane and 31% lived in and around Turnpike Lane.  

The interventions that were most strongly supported were: 

  • introduction of more greenery 

Really welcome the recognition for needing more nature along turnpike lane including trees and crucially, rain gardens…

  • new signalised crossing between Vernon and Burghley road 

Very, very positive. It's dangerous as a driver as well as a pedestrian.

  • shopfront improvements 

Yes, would shop there more. Really support this. The painting of the shutters has made things look better but new shopfronts are even better!

  • creation of placemaking areas (better public realm and spaces for outdoor activities)  

Parts of the proposals you want us to explore further were: 

  • visual identity and place branding 
  • businesses' engagement in relation to shopfront improvements and placemaking areas 
  • additional bin opportunities to improve cleanliness and waste collection 
  • feedback given that is outside of current project scope: 
  • removal of parking bays and introduction of cycle lane along Turnpike Lane 
  • reducing traffic on Turnpike Lane 

You can see more detailed feedback in the Turnpike Lane Improvement Plan Feedback Report (PDF, 1.37MB)

Next steps

  • Engagement with stakeholders and landowners on gateway murals at both sides of Turnpike Lane and wayfinding murals on the Harringay Passage  
  • Engagement with businesses on shopfront improvements and public realm works/placemaking areas 
  • In conjunction with destination TL subgroup, we need to define the scope of the new visual identity and place branding for Turnpike Lane 
  • Continue working with Highways and TfL to progress traffic modelling of the Alexandra Road junction and the new signalised crossing  

Designs will be finalised in autumn 2024 and the project will be delivered in spring 2025.

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Shopfront Improvements

The last few years have been an incredibly difficult time for shop owners across the country, but we’re excited to see that our local High Streets are recovering with each passing day. We want to work with Turnpike Lane businesses to create a shopping area that encourages people to visit more often, stay longer and return to Turnpike Lane again and again.Bom Pecado West Green Road shopfront improvement 2015

To ensure that we achieve great visual impact on Turnpike Lane, we want to help make the street more welcoming for residents, commuters and shoppers through a shopfront improvement project.

There are 2 parts to this project:

  1. Improvements to shop fronts deemed to be in areas of high visual impact
  2. A secondary package for businesses located on the rest of the street

The exact number of businesses able to be helped in the shopfront improvements scheme will be confirmed after the public engagement event has been completed, and comments from the public on the proposals have been reviewed.

This project is supported by the Turnpike Lane Traders Association.

Read the full details of this project on the dedicated Turnpike Lane shopfront improvements page.

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Shutter Gallery

Turnpike Lane is now a ‘Shutter Gallery’.

Visit our Turnpike Lane and Station Road Shutter Gallery page for all the latest project updates.

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Turnpike Lane newsletter

This newsletter is currently on pause, but you can see past editions below:

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