Street Cleansing

Picture of a street being sweptThis section provides information about the services the council and Veolia provide in partnership to keep Haringey's streets clean.

It is everyone's duty to help keep the streets clean. Please use the litter bins provided across the borough and if you have a dog then please clear up after it.

It is particularly important to dispose of waste properly as unlicensed waste companies will often dump items elsewhere in the borough. Please see the refuse collections section for more information.

The following pages are available in this section:

  • The street sweeping page covers the street cleansing provided across the borough, organised into 6 villages.
  • The dog fouling page provides information about how to prevent and report dog fouling in your street.
  • The fly tipping section tells you how to report dumped items so that the council can arrange for them to be cleared.

For information on treatment of road and pavement surfaces during frost, snow and ice conditions, please visit the road and street gritting pages.

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Reporting problems

If there are any problems with street sweeping or litter bins (overflowing) that you have noticed, then please contact the Veolia Haringey Contact Centre:

If you need to report the presence of any potentially hazardous litter, such as syringes or used condoms, then please use the hazardous litter e-form.

If you need to report the clean up of blood from the highway please call:

  • Veolia Call Centre: 020 8885 7700 - during office hours
  • Out of Hours service: 020 8489 0000 - evenings/weekends

Please note that Veolia is not responsible for clearing litter or providing bins in parks. If you need to report a problem with litter in a park, please contact the Parks Customer Care team.

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If you have any comments or queries about street cleansing services or if you need to report a problem or an item of dumped rubbish please contact the Veolia Haringey Contact Centre:

Email: ​

The Contact Centre is open on weekdays from 8.30am-5.30pm.

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Page last updated:

September 5, 2023