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Haringey Council services and commissioned services transporting people with a disability and Transport for London’s Dial-a-Ride service

Who is exempt?

  • Haringey Council organised or commissioned services for the transporting of people with a disability (wherever practicable).
  • Exemptions will be provided for vehicles which are part of the regular fleet transporting adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) and learning disabilities.
  • Exemptions will be available for vehicles of external organisations where these have been organised or commissioned by the Council to transport people with a disability and where this is part of a regular arrangement involving the same vehicle or vehicles.
  • Transport for London’s Dial-a-Ride service

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Where are they exempt?

The exemption applies to all LTNs but only includes filters which have an exemption permit plate. It may therefore exclude some LTN filters, e.g. diagonal filters where vehicular access would not be safe.

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What is the application process?

None. Exemptions administered via prior vehicle registration notification with the exception of Transport for London’s Dial-a-Ride service which will be done via visual vehicle identification.

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Who is not exempt?

The exemption does not include services to transport people with a disability where these are not organised or commissioned by Haringey Council.

There is an opportunity for organisations that solely transport people with access or disability needs to apply for an individual circumstance exemption.

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Page last updated:

April 21, 2023