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Improvements to the low traffic neighbourhood trials

We introduced our Streets for People low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) trials because we want to reduce the overall volume of traffic in and around the areas so that the whole community can benefit from cleaner air and safer streets.

Early trends are starting to show some positive results, indicating the schemes are beginning to deliver on their intended aims, but we know there are a few things we need to get right.

After listening to the feedback we received, as well as analysing the data collected, we introduced some improvements on 4 September 2023. We will continue to work with our residents to get this right and monitor what’s happening on the ground.

The new measures include:

  • changing the rules on exemptions so that all Blue Badge holders living in Haringey can apply to travel through the borough’s 3 LTN trials
  • changing or removing some traffic filters in the northern section of Bruce Grove West Green LTN Area A – please see the  Bruce Grove West Green LTN area A map (PDF, 850KB) with the changes listed 
  • relocating the traffic filter on Avenue Road by the corner of Newsam Avenue in St Ann’s LTN approximately 8.5 metres north
  • a separate trial of a 7.5t HGV ban on B155 Downhills Way/Belmont Road to help mitigate the increase in heavy goods vehicles on this corridor

Exemptions extended to all Blue Badge holders in Haringey

The current exemptions procedure, introduced on day one of the schemes, enables Blue Badge holders living inside or on the immediate boundary of the scheme to nominate one vehicle which is allowed to travel through most camera-enforced traffic filters.

From 4 September, under a new trial, this will be extended to all Blue Badge holders living in Haringey and will apply to our 3 low traffic neighbourhoods in Bounds Green, St Ann’s and Bruce Grove West Green. The decision follows a listening and engagement exercise, including with disability and community groups, and enables all Haringey residents with a Blue Badge to apply.

Other changes include allowing special education needs and disabilities (SEND) vehicles authorised by the council to pass through diagonal traffic filters.

To find out more about exemptions criteria and to apply, visit the LTN exemptions page

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New experimental traffic order

The new rules on exemptions are likely to change the way people move around by car. This is why we are introducing the changes alongside the existing measures under a new experimental traffic order (ETO) for each LTN so that we can assess how each scheme is working before taking a decision on its future.

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How can I have my say?

This new trial scheme for each LTN, which includes all the traffic restrictions and exemptions including the changes, will be subject to a new experimental traffic order (ETO) that comes into effect on 4 September 2023, and can run for a maximum of 18 months. The trial scheme for the 7.5t HGV ban is also for the same period. The ETO process for both allows a period of 6 months from the date the changes become operational (4 September 2023) to make an objection.

To do so, please email traffic.orders@haringey.gov.uk giving your reasons.

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What happens next?

Once the changes are made in September, we will continue to monitor data which includes both traffic and air quality and this together with your feedback including formal objections will help inform the decision on the future of the scheme. We are expecting to take this decision in 2024.

To help reduce congestion further we are considering changes to parking and loading on West Green Road where the road is narrow, and buses can get stuck. These amendments will be subject to a separate decision by the council.

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October 4, 2023