Parking and Traffic Enforcement

Types of enforcement

Our parking and traffic enforcement service plays an important role in improving the quality of life in the borough by creating safer, smarter streets and maintaining the flow of traffic.

We use:

  • Civil Enforcement Officers (previously known as Parking Attendants) to enforce parking
  • CCTV cameras to enforce moving traffic contraventions

Enforcement hours

Most of our moving traffic enforcement operates across the borough through a combination of attended and unattended CCTV enforcement cameras. We operate a 24 hour CCTV enforcement service with different enforcement times for locations based on applicable moving traffic restrictions.

Our parking enforcement operation ends at 10pm daily. However, in response to a growing level of inconsiderate and dangerous parking, we are extending the operational hours of our parking service.

This will involve enforcement until 1am at weekends, initially in the Wood Green Area, but rolled out across Haringey over a period of time. This extended enforcement will be monitored and evaluated and the operational hours will change if necessary.

Further information

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and enforcement

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras are widely used in traffic management. They use technology to read vehicle registration plates. In Haringey, Civil Enforcement Officers will soon have ANPR on their mobile devices. This means they will have access to real-time parking information to check the compliance of vehicles. 

Haringey will also use ANPR enabled vehicles which helps to reduce the reliance on foot patrols and means officers are able to get around the borough quicker to deal with dangerous and inconsiderate parking. All updates on the progress of this will be published on this page. 

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Page last updated:

October 26, 2022