Scrutiny Reviews 2016/17

The following table contains details of scrutiny reviews within the 2016/17 work programme.

Table: Scrutiny Reviews 2016/17

ReviewFinal report Cabinet response6-9 month follow up
Governance Arrangements for the Haringey Development Vehicle (Interim Report)

HDV Governance - Interim Report (PDF, 503KB)

HDV Interim report - Cab Response (PDF, 218KB)Due November 2017
Haringey Development Vehicle HDV Scrutiny - Final Report (PDF, 712KB) HDV Scrutiny Review - Response (PDF, 576KB)Due April 2018
Physical Activity for Older People Physical Activity for Older People (PDF, 1MB) PAOP - Cabinet Response (PDF, 375KB) PAOP Update
Child Friendly Haringey Child Friendly Haringey - final report (PDF, 6MB) Child Friendly - Cabinet Response (PDF, 91KB) Child Friendly Review Update (PDF, 140KB)
Fear of Crime Fear of Crime final report (PDF, 7MB) Fear of Crime - Cab response (PDF, 86KB)Due September 2018

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