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Parkland Walk Local Nature Reserve

Green Flag 

Parkland Walk first received The Green Flag Award in 2015. It has been retained ever since.

About our park

Steps leading off Parkland Walk

The Parkland Walk follows the course of the old railway that ran between Finsbury Park and Alexandra Palace. The four and a half miles provides tranquillity and a chance for those living in London, to enjoy the green environment in the very heart of the city.

It is London's longest Local Nature Reserve and supports a remarkable range of habitats and wildlife. Over two hundred species of wild flower have been recorded and it is probably the only place in Haringey where orchids rub shoulders with dandelions and ivy clambers up fig trees.

Hedgehogs, foxes, butterflies and a vast array of birds are spotted on a daily basis and a rare species of deer, the muntjac, is spotted from time to time.

The route along Parkland Walk is that of the old railway track. It is narrow in places so please be sure to respect social distancing. While there have been improvements to the surface over the years it is uneven in places and it can be muddy after wet weather. It is used by cyclists and runners, but pedestrians should have priority.

For details on how to get to Parkland Walk please see our A-Z of Parks.

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Latest projects

Recent works have been undertaken to address the worst asset repairs to the paths, steps, bins and benches, along with cutting back vegetation from paths and bridges.

Stanhope Road Bridge project

Stanhope Road bridge is one of 10 bridges in the London Borough of Haringey that forms part of the Parkland Walk.

After inspecting Stanhope Road bridge we have discovered that it would not be economically viable to repair it. We have appointed WSP to develop new designs to replace the existing bridge.

Vegetation clearance on either side of pathways and around bridges

The bridges that are dotted along Parkland Walk Local Nature Reserve are in need of important repair works.

It is vital that this work is carried out, to ensure that we don’t have to close the bridges in future, which would have a significant impact on public access to Parkland Walk and the roads that either go under or over them.

Before repair works can begin, we need to undertake much-needed vegetation clearance works to either side of the main paths, at all the entrances and exits and at all the Haringey-owned bridges along the walk. 

The bridges are at the following locations: Upper Tollington Park, Stapleton Hall Road, Vicarage Path and Stanhope Road, Northwood Road, St James’ Viaduct, Mount Pleasant Villas Road, Crouch End Hill, Muswell Hill and Muswell Hill Road.

While some vegetation clearance works were undertaken recently (in both 2018 and 2019), the scale of the forthcoming bridge repairs will involve the removal of some larger trees from on and within five metres of the bridge structures.

The removal of the trees is unfortunately essential because we need to clear these areas so we can conduct investigations and surveys on the bridges and undertake vital repair works to them.

Around 800 new street trees will be planted this year across the borough as well as a smaller number in parks. This is Haringey’s biggest tree planting programme in a decade.

The vegetation clearance works will take place from 14 December 2020 until the end of February 2021, and is planned as follows:

  • Works to cut back the smaller vegetation will take place throughout the Parkland Walk from contract commencement
  • Works to remove the larger trees (of which there are about 8 per bridge) will be phased so they take place in the following order:
  1. Stanhope Road bridge
  2. Stapleton Hall Road bridge
  3. St. James’ Viaduct
  4. Vicarage Path footbridge
  5. Upper Tollington Park bridge
  6. Northwood Road bridge
  7. Mount Pleasant Villas
  8. Crouch End Hill bridge
  9. Muswell Hill bridge
  10. Muswell Hill Road bridge

All tree removal works will be carefully considered and will help to further strengthen these bridges, ensuring that the repairs to them are sufficiently robust to last for the medium-to-long term.

Disruption to members of the public using Parkland Walk and neighbouring roads will be kept to an absolute minimum, with the contractors providing appropriate signage during works.

Parkland Walk itself will not need to be closed to the public, however the use of ‘stop and go’ traffic management may be required in some cases.

No works will take place in the period between Christmas and New Year.

In terms of the wider project to repair the bridges, these will be phased over the next few years once the vegetation has been cleared. Further details will be posted at the relevant time.

In undertaking these works the council and its contractors will aim to ensure that noise and public disruption to users and neighbours of the Parkland Walk will be limited as much as possible, while greatly extending the lifespan of each bridge resulting in continued public access.

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Contact us

Should you have any further queries regarding this project, please contact us:


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Florence Road
London, N4


How to get to Parkland Walk Local Nature Reserve (external link)

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June 2, 2021

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