Large and major events

Haringey Park Events receive a number of park hire applications to host large (up to 10k attendees) and major (up to 50k attendees) events across the borough. See below details of applications that have been agreed for this year.

In any normal year, Finsbury Park plays host to a number of major and large music festivals over the summer, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of these haven’t taken place since 2019.

However, following the lifting of most restrictions, Finsbury Park will once again host a couple of music festivals during summer 2021. See below for all the details of these so you are aware of what’s happening. If there are any issues while the event organisers are on-site, please make contact with the relevant people.

Krankbrother events

Krankbrother have hosted large events in Finsbury Park before, and they are back in August 2021 with 2 consecutive weekends of events.

Table: List of park events - summer 2021

Back to LoveSaturday 7 August 2021, 1pm to 10pm6k
Back to LoveSunday 8 August 2021, 1pm to 9.30pm6k
SolomunSaturday 14 August 2021, 1pm to 10pm6k
The Pleasure GardensSunday 15 August 2021, 1pm to 9.30pm6k

Community Hub

Krankbrother has established an online Community Hub that provides event information and gives contact details for those who want to ask any questions or make any complaints while they are onsite during the build, break and event days.

A dedicated Community Liaison staff member will ensure there is regular communication with the local area and neighbours. During the events they will ensure that any community issues are recorded, are dealt with promptly and that any actions are reviewed.

If you wish to contact the organiser at any point please email in the first instance. You can also phone 07543 850783.

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Park officers (Haringey Council)

Park officers are responsible for managing Finsbury Park, and although the event organiser is required to have additional security and cleaning outside of the event area during the events, the council will also continue to provide all daily services. Council officers will be on-site at all times during the event monitoring the park hire conditions to ensure the organiser is doing everything they should be doing.

If you would like to contact council officers to discuss any aspect of the event please email

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Site location

The events will accommodate up to 6,000 ticket holders within the site that is located mainly on the carriageway, in the northern section of the park. This means that there will be some disruption to park users making their way along the carriageway between Manor House Gate and Endymion Road Gate, and when using the Green Lanes Gate.

We would advise those who usually use the Green Lanes Gate, to instead use Manor House Gate as an alternative and those walking between Manor House and Endymion Road to use the path which goes past the running track instead of the carriageway. If you do choose to walk past the event site, there is a trackway laid on the grass areas for ease of access.

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Vehicle movement

The majority of the vehicles used for the event will drive between the Endymion Road Gate to the event area, but there may be times when a small number of vehicles need to use the carriageway to the south of the park. All vehicles will drive at minimal speed and will be led by a buggy.

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All organisations involved with the delivery of the event have been working hard to ensure the events are a safe and comfortable experience for everyone.

The government recently lifted restrictions on events taking place, and the council and relevant authorities have been working with the organisers for many months to ensure all adequate precautions are in place and all current regulations are being met. The Interim Director of Public Health for Haringey has given approval for the event to take place, based on the risk assessments and planning documents provided by the organiser.

All those visiting, working or performing at the events are required to provide proof that they are at low risk of transmitting COVID-19. Failure to do so will mean that they will not be able to attend. This means that everyone will have to provide:

  • proof of double vaccination, or
  • a recent negative COVID-19 test, or
  • proof of natural immunity.  

Haringey’s Public Health Team will be using the event as an opportunity to engage and reach out to event attendees to encourage those who haven’t yet had the vaccine, to do so.

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All noise emitted from the event is subject to strict Licencing conditions outlined by the Premises Licence which is overseen by the Council. The organiser is required to have a full noise management plan in place to ensure noise limits are not breached and will undertake noise monitoring throughout the event. How noise travels is subject to the prevailing weather conditions at the time which can change very quickly.

If you have any complaints about the noise, please contact the organiser during the event, as they may attend your property to undertake noise monitoring. If you aren't satisfied with a complaint made to the organisers, you can complain to Haringey Council. Options on how to do this can be viewed on the noise control page.

Other events

For all events in parks please visit our What's On calendar. To organise your own event in one of our parks, please visit the park events page.

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August 9, 2021