Reporting problems in private rented housing

What we can do

The Private Sector Housing team aim to provide a service to all private-sector housing residents who require assistance, advice or guidance on housing-related problems.

The team are responsible for:

  • inspecting privately rented accommodation that is in serious disrepair and can pose a risk to its occupants e.g.
    • no heating in the winter months
    • damp and mould
    • faulty electrics
    • investigating pest-related issues such as cockroaches, mice, bedbugs in privately rented property or emanating from a privately rented property
    • licensing of privately rented property
    • investigating unlicensed privately rented property
    • investigating drainage issues in privately owned or rented homes
    • dealing with leaks between properties if the offending property is privately rented

How to report a problem

Anyone can report an issue affecting a privately rented property to the Private Sector Housing team, even if they are not the tenant themselves.

If you are a tenant living in rented accommodation you should first tell your agent or landlord your concerns in writing before you report it to the council. You must give your agent or landlord a reasonable time to respond. This will help the council to process your complaint more quickly and it may also protect your rights as a tenant.

To be able to investigate your complaint more quickly, we will need:

  • your full address and contact details
  • your landlord's contact details
  • details of your housing issue
  • any documents you think may help us with our investigations (e.g tenancy agreement, photographs)

Report an issue

You can also report an unlicensed property at the link below:

Report an unlicensed property

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What we cannot do

We don't investigate problems with properties that are not occupied by private tenants.

Council tenants, please visit the council housing repairs page.

Temporary Housing tenants, please visit the temporary and emergency accommodation page.

If you are a Residential Social Landlord/Housing Association tenant, you should log your complaint with your own Housing Association. If you have done this and remain dissatisfied with the outcome of their investigations, you should log your complaint with your Housing Association’s complaints team. If you would like more advice or help regarding this please email

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Contact us

Private Sector Housing Team
Level 4, Alexandra House
10 Station Road
Wood Green
N22 7TR

Council tenants, please visit the council housing repairs pages.

Landlords should see the landlords repairing your property page.

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Page last updated:

November 20, 2023