Housing Register Application

Guidance on how to apply to join the housing register.

Before you apply: applicants in band C

Demand for housing is extremely high and supply is very limited, so the majority of applicants will not be successful. Between 2014 and 2023, no applicants in band C were re-housed to permanent social accommodation.

It is important that you consider other housing options.

We can provide advice and assistance on securing private rented accommodation and other options tailored to your needs. Read our housing advice before deciding whether to submit an application.

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How to apply to join the register

To apply to join the housing register and meet the eligibility and qualification criteria, you will need to fill in the registration form.

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Who should complete this form?

This form is for new applicants and for existing council or housing association tenants who want to transfer from their current home.

You will be asked questions about your immigration status and current housing circumstances and you will not be able to complete your application if it is established that you are not eligible or do not qualify.

Previous applicants

Do not complete this form if you have previously applied and are already on Haringey’s housing register, or you are living in temporary accommodation provided by the council.

If you have questions about a previously completed application, please contact us on 020 8489 1000, quoting your reference number.

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How the form works

You will need to log in to your Housing Online account to access the housing register form. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one.

Once you have logged in, choose My Housing Options and then Generate My Housing Options.

The form will take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. There are a number of questions which you must answer before proceeding.

To complete the form, you will need the following details to hand:

  • Information about your immigration status
  • Names and dates of birth for everyone on the application
  • National Insurance numbers for everyone over 16 in your household
  • Details of everywhere you have lived in the past three years
    • address, with postcode
    • move in date
    • move out date
    • type of tenure (eg private rented, council property)
  • Details of any homes you have owned, including any equity received from the sale
  • Information on any mortgages you may have or had
  • Total income and savings of everyone on your application, including:
    • earnings from employment
    • welfare benefits received
    • totals savings and investments held
  • Details of any homelessness applications you have made to Haringey or to any other council
  • Details of any Anti-Social Behaviour Orders for anyone included on your application
  • Information about any services you are receiving from Social Services or other agencies (if relevant to your application) including contact details for you social worker (if you have a social worker).

When you have the required information, you can start your application.

Apply to join the housing register

If you have any questions or problems while completing the application, complete our housing registration enquiry form and we will get back to you.

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What happens next?

Once you submit your application you will be provided with a reference number.

We will check the information that you have given us. We may need to contact you to ask for more information. If possible we will do this by calling you on the telephone number you have provided.

We will aim to contact you within 28 days to let you know whether your application was accepted. If successful, you will be told your Reference Number, Housing Needs Band, the size of the property you are entitled to, and whether you are likely to be able to bid for a home successfully.

If you do not receive a reference number, or if you have any other queries about your application, complete our housing registration enquiry form.

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Page last updated:

February 5, 2024