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Guidance on how to register for council housing, renting privately, moving and buying a home.

Council and housing association homes

Demand for permanent social housing far outweighs supply and will not be possible for all, so it is important to consider other housing options.

Find out how to register for council housing

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Private renting

As our social housing is only reserved for the most vulnerable, we direct most people looking for a home to the private rented sector.

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Buying a home

If you cannot afford to buy a home on the open market we may be able to help.

There are many low cost home ownership options that have been designed to help anyone looking for an affordable home to buy and this section is for council tenants, waiting list applicants, first time buyers, key workers and anyone who would like to take advantage of this assistance.

Read more about buying a home

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Moving home: options for council and housing association tenants

If your current home is no longer suitable for you or your family, there are a number of mobility schemes available to help you find more appropriate accommodation. These range from mutual exchange and home swap schemes, to sheltered housing and retirement options.

Details of mobility and home swap schemes are listed in the following table.

Table of available mobility and home swap schemes

SchemeAreaDetails and eligibility criteria
Mutual exchangeAll UKDepending on organisation used, exchanges available to London council and Housing Association tenants
HomeSwapper (external link)All UKFree home swap service for council tenants
Housing Moves (external link)London onlyAvailable to London council and Housing Association tenants
Homefinder UK (external link)All UKAvailable to council and Housing Association tenants
Haringey's Housing RegisterMajority of properties in Haringey (through Home Connections)Register to bid on homes through Home Connections (external link). Priority given to under-occupiers releasing a family home
Home Connections (external link)Majority of properties in HaringeyJoin Haringey's Housing Register to bid on homes
Seaside and Country Homes (external link)EnglandAvailable to London council and Housing Association tenants. Must be aged 55+
Sheltered HousingHaringeySheltered and good neighbour self-contained accommodation. For older people aged 50+ with support needs. Younger applicants with severe disability may be considered.

Mutual exchange

A Haringey's mutual exchange is when you swap your council property with another tenant (provided there is agreement between both landlords). Read more about the Housing Mutual Exchange.

If you are a housing association tenant, please contact your tenancy management officer.


Find out your options if you are under-occupying your home

Over 50 years of age and wanting to move

If you are 50 years of age or over there are additional housing options that could meet your housing need.

For more information please call 020 8489 3432 or read about Supported Housing.

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Moving On Scheme for vulnerable adults

The Moving On Scheme is for:

  • people who have been known to Rough Sleeper Outreach Services (verified rough sleepers) and have been assessed as being able to sustain a tenancy (usually after a period in supported or hostel accommodation)
  • people who need a move from Haringey funded Supported People accommodation having been assessed as being able to sustain a tenancy
  • socially excluded people including ex-offenders, people with secondary mental health issues and people with mild learning difficulties

The Moving On Scheme aims to assist people who are not eligible for social housing but are ready to move to more independent private sector accommodation.

The scheme matches tenants to landlords and provides support before and during the tenancy to help create long-term and sustainable homes for people.

To be eligible for the scheme you must

  • be homeless or threatened with homelessness (or ready to move on from Haringey’s Supporting People funded accommodation)
  • not be considered to be in priority need
  • be eligible to receive welfare and housing benefits, or be working
  • have a local connection to Haringey
  • not have a history of rent arrears
  • not have a history of antisocial behaviour or have become homeless intentionally.

Nominations to the scheme can be made by

For further information please contact the Assessment and Referral Team on 020 8489 1000.

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Housing options for disabled people

The government provides assistance for people with a disability, including guidance on independence at home, adaptations, grants, the Independent Living (1993) Fund, equipment, supported housing schemes, sheltered housing, care homes and the Housing Related Support programme.

Find home and housing options on GOV.UK (external link)

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January 25, 2023