Street Sweeping

Street cleansing and refuse collection services are provided by the council in partnership with Veolia.

Street sweeping is completed on a village basis: Haringey is divided into 6 villages and Veolia have a manager responsible for each area. They manage a team of sweepers and village cage teams to complete the street sweeping schedules as advertised. This approach allows our teams to understand and deal with each village's issues and to build up relationships with ward Councillors and residents groups.

Residential roads are swept once a week. Street sweeping services are now provided 5 days a week (Monday to Friday).

You can view the street sweeping schedule and find out when your street is due to be swept on Veolia’s website (external link).


For information about treatment of pavements and carriageways during winter weather, please visit the road and street gritting section.

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Reporting problems

If there are any problems with street sweeping that you have noticed, then please contact the Veolia Haringey Contact Centre:

Tel: 020 8885 7700

If you need to report the presence of any potentially hazardous litter, such as syringes or used condoms, then please use the hazardous litter e-form.

Please note that Veolia is not responsible for clearing litter or providing bins in parks. If you need to report a problem with litter in a park, please contact the Parks Customer Care team.

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Page last updated:

November 23, 2022