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All parents will at some point struggle with parenting their children and may need some practical support for a while, or advice on what to do when parenting becomes a challenge.

Haringey’s Early Help Partnership can provide you with effective parenting support.

Why get support

Effective parenting can help with:

  • building and strengthening a healthy parent-child attachment
  • developing and supporting positive parent-child relationships
  • supporting educational achievement and attendance at school 
  • promoting good mental and physical health and well-being within the family 
  • supporting  and building strong home-school links 
  • creating an enthusiasm for lifelong learning 
  • strengthening social support networks
  • improving economic well-being of families 
  • encouraging independence, resilience and aspiration 
  • builds more cohesive communities 
  • reduces disaffection, truancy, exclusions and offending behaviour

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Types of support available

Parenting support comes in many forms, from intensive family support, parenting programmes and workshops, short-term support, or advice with specific issues.

The ‘Parenting Support’ document is an extensive list of different support options available in Haringey, ranging from baby yoga to family therapy sessions, and from coffee mornings to breastfeeding support groups.

You may also be interested in the following services:

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Here’s what parents and carers have said about the support we’ve provided:

“Joining this group helped me to understand how parenting can be influenced by our background and regardless of the diversity we can still make the most out of our values and characteristics in order to discipline our offspring in the right way. 
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn!”
  • Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities Parenting Programme - Early Help Service (Dec 2017)

“It was the extra support and advice I needed at a very difficult period in my life.”
  • ‘Conversation for Change’ - Early Help Service (2017) 

“This workshop is really good for parents like me. My wife attended this workshop last week. We share our experience with others.”
  •  ‘Understanding your Child’s Behaviour Workshop’ - Woodside Children’s Centre (June 2018).

“When J (Early Help Family Support Worker) first met with me I was a bit of a mess. I felt overwhelmed by my teenage daughter’s extreme behaviour. J showed me that by making small changes to how I dealt with her behaviour, there would be positive changes. J’s support in keeping me on the right track in the early months was absolutely crucial and I could not have done it without her.”
  • ‘Conversation for Change’ - Early Help Service (2017)

“Informative & Fun” and “was great learnt many new healthy recipes” and “a great programme would recommend other parents to attend!”
  • Henry ‘Group’ Programme (2018)

“The programme Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities has really helped me in so many ways with my boy. It makes me know about how to manage him in every way, physical, emotional and his characteristics. It also helped me know more about myself and how to control my anger and be more self-confident. It also helped me know about all I was and who I want to be, and what I want to do indoors and, in my community, and how to help other mums.”
  • Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities Parenting Programme - Early Help Service (Dec 2017)

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Further info

For further enquiries about parenting support in Haringey please contact:
Sylvia Wilkinson – Haringey’s Parenting Coordinator
Tel: 020 8489 5090

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Page Last Updated:

19 October 2018

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